Top Games Like Space Borders: Alien Encounter

After shedding light on a small number of PC treats, it’s now time for you to put a smile on the faces of ardent space RTS fans who wish to tap to the action while on the go. The final contender in our games much like Homeworld roundup is fashioned exclusively for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It lets you take command of massive star ships and wage war against a ruthless alien force. As developer Amasis Brauch reveals, the title is filled to the brim with 15 types of ships which include carriers, fighters and destroyers along with 3D audio, training mission and unrestricted camera freedom.

  1. Homeworld

Scouted around for games like Homeworld and was able to land up empty handed?¬†Well, that’s probably since there aren’t a lot of titles across the virtual arena that boast of incorporating elements like real-time strategy along side expansive space environments. The title in question listed here is one of a form, with engaging RTS features, 3D universe, special effects, stunning graphics, innovative interface and plenty of brilliantly rendered spaceships. It allows fans of the engaging genre to explore vast intergalactic terrains for new technologies, harvest resources and build a lot of mighty vessels. Here are a few names that seem to come close to what you’re looking for.

  1. Sins of a Solar Empire

Noted to be a 4X real-time strategy title, this engaging gem lets you take command of galactic affairs by allowing you to become leader of a mighty empire. Your aim listed here is to head out to the vast confines of space and conquer 5 different solar systems through the aid of phase lanes. Also infused to the tantalizing amalgamation are tactical elements and empire management features. And while you’re on missions, you can even grab important resources such as for instance crystals, metals and credits.

  1. Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition

Wondering what the enhanced edition comprises of? Well, when you choose this specific entrant in our games much like Homeworld roster, you bargain for Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter along with its premier expansion that’s christened the End of Flesh which includes a new playable race called the Loa. You are able to expect to see earlier DLC content like new badges, alternate voice, new avatars, skins and combat music also present here. The title lets you gather up your formidable fleet, customize your own personal starships, and reach over the galaxy, looking to expand your empire.

  1. Haegemonia Gold Edition

This enticing edition is filled with the initial Haegemonia: Legion of Iron title along with the multiplayer expansion pack called The Solon Heritage. Here you can experience real-time space battles of epic proportions which are fought with enormous battleships and plenty of fighters. You will be transported to the season 2104, an occasion where the people is associated with a huge war that’s waging between the individuals of colonized Mars and Earth. Developer Digital Reality calls on whatever you brave souls to go forth and terraform planets, colonize distant arenas, guide your fleet, manage your resources and conduct technological research. Dive into a fun galactic challenge while keeping a keen eye out for perilous objects like asteroid fields, cosmic clouds, black holes, nebulas, hostile alien races and wormholes.

  1. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

The real-time mission-based tactical space title was unveiled nearly ten years ago for the Windows PC. Manufactured by Hungarian-based Mithis Entertainment, this inclusion in our Homeworld alternatives array takes one to the 22nd century and puts you in the shoes of an ambitious captain called Marcus Cromwell. Sitting at the commander’s helm of the legendary spaceship Stiletto, you’ll be sucked to the terrible conflict that’s brewing over the galaxy. The gem further comes with a tactical fleet simulator, an elaborate storyline filled up with engaging missions and a reward system for upgrading, repairing and enhancing the ships.

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