Top Games Like Soul Sacrifice

Similar to the title suggests, Soul Sacrifice is focused on saving or sacrificing. When the game begins, the player becomes enslaved by way of a powerful, but evil sorcerer who passes the name Magusar. This sorcerer is set and ready to execute you, when a mystical talking book named Librom comes out of nowhere and rescues you. The book itself is full of stories of Magusar’s many encounters with powerful monsters. By entering this book you have the ability to experience these battles, thus gaining the data it will take to defeat Magusar once and for all.

  1. Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is really a franchise of games that was published and released by Capcom in 2004. Throughout the years the game has made several improvements but the core gameplay is definitely the same. You play as a hunter in a dream environment and venture out into the entire world to both capture and kill various kinds of monsters. Although it can be an RPG, it’s in contrast to traditional RPGs where the player is able to choose classes and level up. Instead, the player is able to pick from a wide selection of weapons to cater to their needs.

  1. Bloodborne

If you’re a huge fan of the Dark Souls or Demon’s Souls games then you are really planning to enjoy Bloodborne. Although it is not directly linked to the game by any means, it was created by the same company which made the Souls franchise and has brought important elements from those games and applied it to Bloodborne. The very first incarnation of the game began back 2012 beneath the codename Project Beast when a representative from Sony approached Hidetaka Miyazaki, lead director of FromSoftware. He exclaimed that Sony wanted a brand new IP that’s similar to Dark Souls but exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Miyazaki agreed and got to work. Bloodborne is really a very gothic game and takes inspiration from the Victorian Era in England, along with being inspired by the horror fiction novels of H.P. Lovecraft.

  1. Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter can be an anime-styled massively multiple online role playing game (MMORPG) that was released via Aeria Games official website and on Steam in December 2015. Due to its anime style, characters and monsters are very chibi and cute like. Players have the ability to play the game using one of four classes:

  1. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is virtually identical to Monster Hunter in lots of ways and is my personal favorite game up to now this year. The ball player begins by choosing to be a male or female and enter the entire world of EDEN, which is a world made purely out of digital data. After witnessing what is allegedly a ghost, you’re taken on a mission to escape the area you’re in. You come into experience of creatures referred to as Digimon that are being attacked by something called an Eater. You meet up with friends and family to simply help save both Digimon and find yourself being attacked by the Eater. One small touch by an Eater can completely damage your DNA so your body is sent through the ringer and you end up essentially becoming a digital ghost yourself. Because of this, you’re granted specific powers which enable you to traverse between the real world and the digital world without problem. You get meeting a detective who needs your powers to simply help save other people. You agree and join her agency as a cyber-sleuth.

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