Top ‘Games Like Sins Of A Solar Empire’

If you’re done dabbling in the science fiction treat as well as its trio of expansions, then we suggest you waste no time in procuring most of the following names. They foray onto the scene sporting similar attributes that managed to get you dependent on the title that’s shining in the spotlight here. So proceed and let them have a whirl.

  1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

The military science fiction real-time strategy gem takes devote the 26th century where cataclysmic events are no strangers here. There’s a trio of fantastic species to avail of namely, Protoss, Zerg and Terran. Your job is to create a formidable army and endow the same with powerful weapons and prepare the lot to battle with the Dominion and its evil leader, Arcturus Mengsk.

  1. Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Fancy dabbling in military based science fiction RTS titles? Well, how about trying out this specific entrant in our games similar to Sins of a Solar Empire roster? You are able to expect you’ll see more than 30 single-player missions infused into its confines alongside smooth gameplay elements, an intuitive interface, adaptive AI and live action video sequences.

  1. Star Ruler

Here you’ll lead to an entire interstellar empire and its inhabitants. You’re called on to save it from extinction by showing its ingenuity using a deep combat system and conquering other planets spread over the extensive universe. A large number of ships are at your command. You may also conduct research on new technologies like engines, weapons and shields, and take complete benefit of different multiplayer options such as for example Team, Co-op and Free-for-all. Endowed with a user-friendly interface, the overall game also proffers extensive modding support, an authentic soundtrack and vast expanses of galaxies to roam across and conquer. Manufactured by Blind Mind Studios, this galactic treat is set with not only RTS elements but additionally space 4X goodness. It premiered for Windows PCs just several years ago.

  1. Supreme Commander 2

This inclusion in our Sins of a Solar Empire alternatives array lets you take command over air, land and naval units alongside mighty experimental war machines. Manufactured by Gas Powered Games, it lets you decide on from one of 3 commander posts, each of which represents a special faction and storyline whose events take place 25 years after the Forged Alliance installment. The trio of diverse groups includes the Cybran Nation, The United Earth Federation (UEF) and the Illuminate. You are able to enter this interesting title expecting a renovated interface, brutal battles and stunning graphics. You’ll even manage to research new technologies and units, and deploy them immediately onto the battle arena, therefore you can transform your base-level tank in to a multi-barreled killing machine. Fashioned for the Xbox 360, Windows and Mac OS X PCs, this 1 reached the gaming terrain in 2010.

  1. StarDrive

Your primary aim here is to turn just one planet and several number of space vessels in to a vast space empire by going out in to the galaxy and conquering new worlds, expanding your colonies and exploring what the astro confines need certainly to offer. The 4X action-strategy game lets you choose how you wish to establish your empire. You are able to either get it done through diplomacy or brute force. And during your stay here, you could have to make or break several alliances for the higher good of your galactic domination. You’ll further manage to opt from 8 alien races or even forge one of your own. Throughout your escapades, you have to terraform and populate new sorts of planets, research a wide selection of technologies and control your vessels with classic real-time strategy commands or indulge in direct arcade control.

  1. Star Wars Empire at War

The final contender in our games similar to Sins of a Solar Empire roundup suits RTS fans as well ardent Star Wars enthusiasts. Yes, the intergalactic franchise created by George Lucas has forayed in to the real-time strategy domain, giving rise to a treat called Empire at War.

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