Top Games like Serious Sam

Here are a few great games like Serious Sam including a lot of amazing action sequences and challenging levels created for your enjoyment. The following picks also feature a lot of highly advanced weapons which you may have never seen or heard off before. But this is probably the best part of these kinds of games as the fictional weapons are the absolute most exciting and fun to use. Their devastating effects are another key element which can make you desire to use them again and again.

  • Doom 3

We will start our set of games like Serious Sam with Doom 3. The developers from id Software have combined the advancements of science with the horrors of hell to provide you with an immersive spine-chilling title. Your character is just a marine, who’s sent on a routine mission to an investigation facility on the planet Mars.

  • Duke Nukem Forever

Your preferred arcade FPS game Duke Nukem now comes for you totally revamped in Duke Nukem Forever. After having a recent alien attack on the town Duke now has to return to the scene and vanquish these hostile aliens before they dominate the entire world and steal all of the hot women.

  • Hard Reset

The 3rd one on our set of Serious Sam alternatives is Hard Reset produced by Flying Wild Hog. In this overly busy shooter, you will soon be playing as the CLN operative by name of James Fletcher, as he tries to suppress huge swarms of maniacal machines, which are out to destroy the last remaining human city of Bezoar.

  • Half Life 2

Here’s another great FPS game where you will see a fair share of action and adventure. In Half Life 2 pick you’ll again play as the main character Gordon Freeman as he fights his way through all kinds of deadly alien species who have invaded Earth and are actually stealing its resources.

  • Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm is simply for anyone players who enjoy full-blown chaos and explosive action and entertainment inside their games. But one of the major features that you will see in Bulletstorm may be the skill-shot system which generously rewards your character with better weapon and upgrades depending on what skillfully or savagely you dispose of your enemies.

Fallout 3

The next one we have for you Fallout 3.In this pick you will soon be playing in a global that has been torn apart by nuclear war and your character has been born into this dystopian future. The designers from Bethesda Game Studios have given you an accurate depiction of what it could be like if your world has changed into a nuclear wasteland.

  • Crysis 3

The last option on our set of games just like Serious Sam is Crysis 3 released by Crytek for the PC, PS3, and Xbox gaming console. You’ll again play as the nano-suit clad soldier by name of Prophet, who’s in this third version, to fight against a greedy CELL Corporation that’s left New York City in complete ruins because of the evil deeds. Your character is the only one with the various tools and the skill to fight this evil corporate giant.

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