Top Games Like Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY

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Voltage is undoubtedly an app developer that has produced an enormous reputable name itself by creating dating sim/visual novel apps which have been add up to (if not better than) games like My Candy Love. They’re an utter giant with this genre, and I do think it might be wrong to exclude them for this article. In Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY, you play as a female who suddenly finds herself in a very dramatic Japanese conflict, and assigned a samurai to safeguard her throughout this time. As you possibly can probably guess, you eventually adore this samurai. The game offers twelve romance options, which I do think is a pretty large pool to pick out from. Odds are, there’s a character within that matches a particular archetype that you simply enjoy.

  1. My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a game title which has a premise that discomfort heard of before. It is a visual-novel style game where players create their very own avatar and produce different alternatives that affect a central story. In My Candy Love, you play as a higher school-aged girl, and you progress through different episodes so as to win the man of one’s dreams. Bingo released about five years back, but new episode releases keep its fans wanting more. It’s also a nicely accessible game — there for play at no cost in your browser or on the mobile device. Basically, there are the many tools that a visible novel game might need for success.

  1. Pico Sim Date 2

One of the highest quality parts about My Candy Love, in my view, could be that the game could be played on the mobile device plus in an internet browser. Although I acknowledge that Flash being a medium is just dead, as someone who spent their childhood years without a really beefy computer, I hold an excellent appreciation for games that can be played directly in your browser. Pico Sim Date 2 is one of those games. Bingo is widely accepted as among the best browser-based dating sim games around, as well as it permanently reason. In Pico Sim Date 2, your girlfriend may be kidnapped, and you have to seduce another girl to find out where this lady has been taken. It’s sort of a silly premise, however it is executed surprisingly well, with excellent writing that never takes itself too seriously.

  1. Psy High

I’m a well-documented fan of your Choice of Games series. For those who are unaware, Choice of Games can be a developer and publisher which specializes in releasing text-based games, across many different genres. In Psy High, you play being a psychic high schooler who finds themselves thrown in a dark mystery. You must navigate the treacherous waters in this mystery while still keeping your academic and self confidence afloat. I do think the fact that game’s premise is kind of similar up to the more “vanilla” premise of My Candy Love, and I do think that fans of MCL could possibly like that interesting spin on the top school genre.

  1. Shira Oka: Second Chances

Although Shira Oka isn’t really a household name, I know with certainty that this can be one of those games that a majority of fans of your visual novel genre have no less than heard of. In a number of visual novels, you’re often managing stories that may get sort of out there. Shira Oka is significant vanilla games of its genre, in who’s just involves a guy going back in history and reliving his twelfth grade years. You will discover multiple endings, as you can pursue multiple girls, and the sport is definitely really comprehensive. One of the big complaints that I have got found out about My Candy Love is your choices don’t impact the sport enough.

  1. Episode

Not only is Episode a game title allowing users to experience as both men and women characters, but I do think who’s has the tone that a majority of fans of My Candy Love need for. It’s nothing too weird, it’s nothing too out-there. You can actually follow a number of stories, and almost all of the characters are written in an exceedingly believable way. In Episode, players have the ability to unlock “episodes” of most different types of stories, from twelfth grade romances to sci-fi dramas. Bingo gives the person a great deal freedom it’s mostly insane. It’s certainly probably the most versatile games with this list, as well as it why I decided to place it on the top.

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