Top Games like Rise of Nations

We have an incredible line-up of games like Rise of Legends for all you could RTS enthusiasts. These kinds of games permit you to play as a leader and build or expand your base from practically nothing to develop it right into a huge kingdom with the help of your loyal followers. So if you should be a significant fan of the Big Huge Games creation, then we would suggest that you try the below mentions strategy-oriented games.

  • Total War: Rome II

In this pick, you are able to feel the glory of the Roman Empire in hd detail, which explains why we’ve put this one on the top of our list. Here you will get to be responsible for the most glorious empires of the Roman era and lead them and their forces in the battle to dominate foreign lands. This second version of Total War: Rome comes filled with exciting new graphics and visuals which will give you spellbound as you watch all the energy charged army clashes that place between your own personal armies and those of your enemies. You have to strategize the best method of how exactly to breach the walls of your enemies kingdom with the help of your siege works and well-trained army personnel prepared to heed the decision of their commander i.e. you. The wars that you fight in Total War: Rome II will definitely remain in your memory as the most brilliant battles that you have ever fought on a digital platform.

  • Age of Empires 3

If you have played the previous two versions of Age of Empires, you’d have surely been worked up about the release of the third part. The very reason why we’ve mentioned this one in our listing of games much like Rise of legends is that it contains the basic elements of real-time strategy, however in a whole lot more realistic detail. Here you are able to expect plenty of cool upgrades that are not obtainable in the predecessors of this one, such as new units, new buildings and structures and whole new empires from different countries of the world. Here you will have to learn to be resources and gather materials to further improve the stronghold of your empire. You can easily see your progress out here whenever you small settlement grows from the Discover age to the mighty Imperial Age.

  • Supreme Commander 2

The 3rd option on our roster is this sci-fi styles game called Supreme Commander which will place you in the career of controlling some the most powerful and lethal armies and weapon systems of the entire universe. The gameplay in this one is pretty much like any real-time strategy pick as you receive just one single unit in the beginning of your mission of every mission, that will be the Armored Control Unit out here. You have an option of playing on the gaming modes obtainable in this one, namely the Skirmish mode, the multiplayer mode or the single-player campaign that’ll introduce you to any or all the three factions which are there here and the various kinds of units that they may create. The developers have taken plenty of efforts to be sure that your sci-fi experience gets as real as you are able to with the help of some cleverly designed graphics and appearances of your units and structures.

  • Star Craft 2

Here another sci-fi focused real-time strategy title which we have added to the set of Rise of Legends alternatives for you really to try out. This particular Blizzard Entertainment creation will take you to incredibly hostile environments and planets which are infested with alien creatures and races. You may also choose to play as alien races and experiment with all their technologically advanced units and weapons. Out here you may also take part in epic multiplayer matches and test your strategic and resource management skills against players from all throughout the globe. Lots of fierce battles and alien encounters await you in this second part of the famous StarCraft franchise.

  • Age of Mythology

How could we not mention the most iconic real-time strategy title in our collection? Well, Age of Mythology does not want almost any introduction as it has the very best real-time elements which were made it famous within the last couple of years. If you’re really enthusiastic about ancient mythology, this pick will definitely provide you with a lesson or two concerning the ancient civilizations of the Egyptians, the Greeks in addition to the Norse. Once you play this one you are likely to be brought the face to manage their beliefs and all various gods that they worshiped and how they lead their people. All the previously discussed races had a solid set of armies with unique skills that could give them a plus over their foes. You will also be able to build structures and alters to gain more favor from your loyal subjects and encourage them to work harder for the nice of these civilizations. So long as your economy is thriving you are able to keep building a bigger army strike down all your foes.

  • Empire Earth II

The last option on our set of games similar to Rise of Legends is Empire Earth II created by Mad Doc Software. This pick will take you through the different stages of growth of these settlements till the full time they reach age modern warfare. Empire Earth lets you construct powerful nations from their very origins and make them expand in size and military strength. You will see yourself gathering different types of resources which are crucial for your nations growth. You will have the ability to create the whole blueprint and set the foundation for a great nation and build-up a solid force to overwhelm any rival nation that you target.

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