Top Games like Resistance

There are lots of good shooting games like Resistance that are based on fictional events. The gaming scenarios in these picks place you in the midst of dangerous situations where your foes aren’t only ordinary people but sometimes even monsters and aliens. So when you have a preference for these types of games, you then should browse the list we have complied out here for you.

  •  Dead Space 3

The first option on our roster of games just like Resistance is Dead Space 3. Just like our main title under consideration Dead Space 3 is all about killing vile creatures (Necromorphs) that appear in various instances through your gameplay. But there are numerous newer and deadlier kinds of Necromorphs you will see in this game.

  • Killzone 3

The next amazing shooting title on our list is this third edition of Killzone created by Guerilla Games. In this pick, you will go back to the planet of Helghan to battle against a brand new vicious army of Helghast troops which are out to eliminate you and the rest of the forces of ISA, that exist on the planet. This section of Killzone is obviously the most explosive certainly one of all as now you can have far more devastating weapons at your disposal.

  •  Red Faction Guerrilla

The third one on our listing of Resistance alternatives is Red Faction Guerrilla. Prepare yourself to see a whole new revamped version of Mars as in this pick you will be playing on the red planet itself and fighting for freedom from the oppressive forces of EDF. Your character is designed with a number of fantastic sci-fi weapons through the game with one mighty sled-hammer for melee attacks as well.

  •  Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is another great first-person shooter which can include with this list. In this pick, you again play the role of Prophet who’s on a mission to fight the evil CELL Corporation. In Crysis 3 you will be put in New York City that’s trapped in a Nanodome and is crawling with all sorts of hostile aliens and the elite soldiers of the CELL Corporation.

  •  Resident Evil 5

When you play Resident Evil games you’re sure to be playing within an environment which is infested by zombies or other mutated beings. And that’s precisely the case in this Capcom creation as well. While the story goes, you’re provided for investigating a black market deal that’s taking invest the African region of Kijuju, but on arrival, you and your partner discover that the residents happen to be infected and have killed the squad sent before you.

  •  Halo 3

In Halo 3 you play the role of the famous Spartan soldier Master Chief in his attempts to fight off the enemy Covenant forces. This pick can be played in a co-op mode with a friend with the next player controlling Arbiter.

  •  Far Cry 3

And the final one on our listing of games just like Resistance is Far Cry 3. This pick puts you in the shoes of Jason who gets stranded on a pirate ruled island of Rook. After escaping captivity you now need to discover a way to save your pals as well.

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