Top Games Like Resident Evil 5

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Brace yourself as hideous humanoid enemies come lashing out straight at you. And don’t expect them to inform you even one ounce of mercy. So equip yourself accordingly and turn alert while threading through uncertain waters. You can start an adventure with local BSSA agent Sheva Alomar and Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance member Chris Redfield.

  1. The Walking Dead

It’s not all games like The Walking Dead have creepy corpses clawing their way across the screen. Well, quite as opposed to what many can have perceived, a subscriber base such as this comprises of games that contain other interesting elements apart from the mindless menace that have a big appetite for human brains. The name the main attraction here has won several accolades to its episodic point-and-click elements and character development together with engaging storyline. Similarly, the examples below titles roped in here also feature these innovative ideas for their mix. And yes, there are also several options for people who would rather annihilate hoards of zombies.

  1. Heavy Rain

Created by Quantic Dream and authored by Sony, Heavy Rain is noted to generally be an interactive action-adventure game that should grip your attention up until the very end, defining it as challenging to drop your PS controller or Move peripheral. This PS3 exclusive gem was unleashed 3 in the past and even received praise if you are ‘fresh.’

  1. Fahrenheit

Often known as Indigo Prophecy to players located within North America, this entrant within our games similar to The Walking Dead roster made its presence felt over half several years ago. Fahrenheit was released for that PC as well as the PS2 and Xbox consoles. Created by the same brains behind the previous mention, what’s more, it provides audiences having a cinematic adventure of sorts.

  1. Jurassic Park

Quitting murder mysteries, visit explore the unknown and educate you on some dinosaurs that definitely aren’t just boring fossils. Looked upon as a possible episodic point-and-click adventure RPG game, Jurassic Park is likewise developed and authored by the same individuals the cause of the title in question. You’re called to get hired to play an unhealthy plot that can take place during the primary Jurassic Park movie.

  1. Left 4 Dead 2

We continue our The Walking Dead alternatives array by incorporating mentions that should please individuals who came for that zombie carnage. Left 4 Dead 2 can be a co-operative first person shooter which was released over 3 in the past for that Xbox 360 and PC. The L4D sequel plunges you in to the midst of the zombie apocalypse which plays out through 5 expansive campaigns.

  1. Sam & Max Save the World

That contender within our games similar to The Walking Dead roundup proffers half dozen side-splitting episodes which entail different genres for example puzzle and trivia. You possibly can hop about with manufacturers like Canine Shamus Sam and his rabbit partner Max since they strive to fix a baffling mystery. People around options are slowly slipping into a hypnotic trance.

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