Top Games like Raze

We have an awesome assortment of games like Raze mentioned here, as you are able to play on your online browser.These games were specially designed to give you plenty of heart-pumping action with all the extreme shooting and gun-blazing gameplay. If you are a fan of the shooting category then you will pleased to understand that there a few great games as you are able to play online. So check our selection below and immersive yourself in hours of adrenaline pumping gaming at any time.

Armor Mayhem

Armor Mayhem is the initial one that individuals can introduce on our list of games much like Raze for all you could shooting fans. This game puts you in the midst of an intergalactic gun battle between some enemies from another world. In the intro out here, you are going to be shown that the reason for all of the mayhem could be the discovery of a substance on a mysterious planet gives out infinite amounts of energy.

Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem is another impressive shooting title which we can add to the list. The graphics out here are pretty basic and resembles childish doodles, but the fast-paced action significantly more than makes up for that aspect. The developers have kept the objective out here pretty simple, i.e. fire a rain of bullets at your opponents until they finally get pushed off the edge of the map.

Deadswitch 2

That one titled Deadswitch 2 is more of a military-themed game, where you are going to be playing as a soldier and command your own strike team. The controls for commanding and directing your team is going to be shown to you once you play the tutorial combined with the basic commands of how to alter your weapon and environment interaction. You may also get to select your desired weapons class to match your selected combat style.

Strike Force Heroes

The fourth option on our assortment of Raze alternatives is Strike Force Heroes brought to you by Sky9 Games. In this pick, you’re playing the role of a hit team member who is sent to neutralize threats in various locations. In accordance with a story out here, you and your team end through to a small island only to find out that your teammates have been infected by way of a strange virus which makes them aggressive.

Alien Attack Team

Another entrant onto our list is Alien Attack Team. Here you’re the area of the alien attack team that has been specially formed to combat the vile aliens that have invaded earth. Whenever you play this pick, you can’t help but notice the rag-doll physics kind of movement especially once you kill an enemy. The controls may also be easy to understand and you will unlock new levels once you reach the prospective amount of kills in just about any match.

Plazma Burst 2

The last one we’ve for you on our roster of games much like Raze is Plazma Burst 2: Here you will take part in firefights using advanced weaponry and gear. At ab muscles start of your game, you are going to be dropped on a planet that’s filled up with enemy soldiers who are built with highly advanced guns and equipment.

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