Top Games Like RaiderZ

Korean developer MAIET Entertainment invites you to stroll into a universe that’s filled towards the brim with dangerous mutated creatures. The kingdom of Rendel continues to be overrun by mutated monsters due to corruption of the Prime Stone. They now roam through the land from search for blood and a way to take control of the ill-fated terrain. However, you and the team of fearless individuals come as saviors to supply a glimmer of anticipate to the kingdom. You must arm yourself with fantastic weapons that happen to be constructed from limbs of the deadly creatures and learn how to dodge attacks as a way survive the whole ordeal.

  1. Dragon Nest

The directory of games like Dragon Nest we’ve gathered here comprises of action MMORPG titles that will have you glued in your PC for many hours on end. All of them are endowed through an aroma that’s quite exactly like the free-to-play fantasy gem in the spotlight here. This delight was lauded for bringing forth an amalgamation of an exclusive combat system and role-playing features. These types of these attributes, the title has was able to garner an abundance of interest from console players, hack and slash fans, and RPG enthusiasts. Similarly, you are able to experience more or less everything and a lot more when you dive into all of the options strewn across here.

  1. Vindictus

This free-to-play entrant in the games similar to Dragon Nest roster strides onto the scene bearing the tagline, ‘elegant brutality.’ Rapid action MMORPG states to proffer players smooth flowing combat and freedom of motion. You’re necessary to get together along with other formidable individuals and use your resources to take powerful enemies thus to their knees.

  1. C9

Your next action RPG in the collection provides players with console-style precise control, strong RPG base contents and many skill combos. You’ll find it employs a non-targeting system which implies you have full remedy for slashing the baddies. Here you’re called on to turn into a hero of the Glenheim continent and forestall Neper from summoning his evil minions by opening the portal to a different dimension.

  1. Rusty Hearts

This inclusion in the Dragon Nest alternatives array can be a free-to-play action MMORPG that lets you go up against Lord Vlad and the evil followers. You will have to cautiously build your way in the dangerous labyrinth of dungeons which have been packed towards the hilt with epic enemies. And you will have rare and fantastic treasures that happen to be cleverly concealed through the virtual place. Produced by Stairway and published by Perfect World Entertainment, this interesting title is a mix of various captivating elements including modern MMO character progression, classic arcade action and anime style.

  1. Blade and Soul

The fantasy martial-arts MMORPG manufactured by Team Bloodlust allows you to forge you very own hero, choose your faction, develop fighting styles skills, bring honor in your clan and tap into the strategies of Qing Gong. The storyplot forged here involves revenge, redemption, betrayal, warring gods and battling factions. The 4 different types of races that happen to be present here read as Gon, Jin, Kun and Lyn.

  1. Tera

The very last contender in the games similar to Dragon Nest roundup is surely an action MMO that targets position, skill, aim and timing which are crucial for successfully annihilating the foes here. You can use the application of either your controller or keyboard and mouse combination for handling the onscreen characters.

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