Top Games Like Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum was manufactured by Kim Swift who played a huge role from the creation of Portal.This might be exactly why you’ll notice loads of familiar objects using quantity of a game. The experience takes invest an estate the place that the protagonist, a son, is for a try to find his uncle who was kept in another dimension after an experiment. Although they’re in another world the uncle could see and speak, thus fulfilling the role of your narrator.

  1. Portal

Portal has become hailed with regards to originality coupled by humor and challenging puzzles.  Players traverse the surroundings and solve puzzles with the use of a device that can create an entry and exit between two points, plus increasing the game’s physics. It’s got spawned a sequel that brought new gameplay innovations with the right formula of comedy and problem-solving. These two games are critically acclaimed with Portal 2 being crowned as Game of the Year multiple times.

  1. The Ball

The experience puts you from the shoes of your archaeologist who’s trapped underground and must explore the network of caverns to see a way out. The title refers to the huge metallic sphere you will be using for puzzle-solving and combat. Consider it something such as the Companion Cube in Portal with the added capability of smashing enemies with it.

  1. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable was originally a Half-Life 2mod released back 2011. A couple of years later a remake premiered with inclusions in the story plot pathways and new locations to discover plus a visual overhaul.

  1. The Talos Principle

The experience helps you switch from first-person to third-person. You traverse the beautifully-designed worlds hunting for “sigils” which resemble Tetris blocks. Danger lurks as turrets and drones and this can be disabled with jammers. Other objects like refractors and fans make it easier to open sealed doors or impede enemies. The puzzles evidently be difficult while you progress deeper from the game.

  1. Antichamber

Antichamber doesn’t start out with any type of tutorial and instead throws you instantly to the adventure world. The starting room could be the central hub the place that the game’s controls and settings are plastered within the wall. You can go back to this room with the Escape key to choose other destinations to visit.

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