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For people who prefer playing online games like Puzzle Pirates, we have a great collection of fairly identical picks that you could try out. The below-mentioned games have a lot of quests that you could solve and you may even play alongside several other players online. So whether you enjoy solving puzzles or would like to play a great multiplayer title, the next few picks will surely have something to accommodate the wants all you MMO gaming fans.

Gaia Online

We’ve commenced our list of games much like Puzzle Pirates by stating this popular game titled Gaia Online. Exactly like our main title involved, Gaia Online thrives on social interaction between its members and even encourages players to make the group play co-operatively. Once you sign up out here, you are given an online avatar which you can totally customize.


Maplestory is another classic online game, where you are able to indulge yourself in the many role-playing elements which come in the form of different classes that you could join out here. The most effective element of online role-playing games is that once you’ve created a character you are able to watch it grow from strength to strength as your level keeps increasing after defeating enemies and monsters.

Runes of Magic

The 3rd option we have for you personally is Runes of Magic. Those of you who have an insatiable thirst for adventure will particularly be very thinking about this title. Out here your journey will start in the fictional land of Taborea where you will go to various regions in search of your destiny.


Listed here is yet another game that people will add to our collection of Puzzle Pirates alternatives that includes a lot of fun features. Firstly you will get a variety of skills, crafts, and professions to choose from in Runescape, so you can create a completely one-of-kind form of character.

Dawn of the Dragons

The title of that one itself provides you with a touch of what the gameplay is all about in Dawn of the Dragons. This 5th Planet Games creation will put you in the role of a hero who attempts to save lots of his individuals from an onslaught of sinister dragons. Besides the detailed storyline, there is far more than you are able to do here.


Poptropica is really a place where you play the endless number of games online for free. This pick is most beneficial known the vast quantity of content in the form of the many areas or islands that you’re free to explore as soon as you unlock them. After you create a character, you’ll get access to the starting few worlds which are already unlocked.


This Kingsisle Entertainment development is another pirate-themed adventure type of game which we can add to our list of games much like Puzzle Pirates for you. Pirate101 also focuses a great deal on the customization of your character from the beginning of gameplay and many more outfits and other things may be unlocked as you play.

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