Top Games Like Prince of Persia Trilogy

There are a huge number of titles to are released under the Prince of Persia franchise. Although the retro offerings can indeed be branded as classics, the series’ reboot which was presented with it by Ubisoft gets hotter released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Amount of time in 2003 was indeed a highlight. Some serious platforming forms perhaps the game, needing you to operate on upright walls and perform other acrobatic feats. Unlike TR though, there’s no gun-based combat here of course. Instead, classic sword fighting mechanics in conjunction with gymnastic movements make Sands of Time important play for people searching for Tomb Raider alternatives.

  1. Tomb Raider

This list of games like Tomb Raider is in case you want to be a part of other titles offering similar exploration, puzzle and action-adventure-based gameplay experiences. Lara Croft’s expeditions became section of gamers’ lives when the initial game through the series was published in 1996, also it didn’t take really miss her for being one of the best known faces in gaming. The franchise has ever since seen from novels and comics to movies being launched under it, making the female protagonist a symbol for many. Moreover, each game has managed to take her legacy to another level.

  1. Uncharted series

When you talk about Sony’s PS3, there’s one series which has come to define the console like no other. With three spectacular games rolling around in its kitty including a fourth one expected being geared towards the PS4, Uncharted doesn’t seem like it’s in the atmosphere to slow down. This series has been given by Naughty Dog, the exact same folks who’ve given us among the 2011 most acclaimed titles, The Last of Us. In all of these titles, you will be thrust on the shoes of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who travels worldwide searching for ancient wealth.

  1. Mirror’s Edge

A girl protagonist? Check! Breathtaking platforming? Check! Satisfying overall gameplay? Check! Surely, you are unable to ignore Mirror’s Edge for anyone who is all for such experiences. This is game it does not exactly bear all the elements that are seen in the TR series, but when you’re pleased with only the approaches we merely mentioned, do have a go. Mirror’s Edge is played in the first-person perspective, and takes devote a futuristic dystopian society. Its parkour based movements, a captivating atmosphere and stellar writing give you to relax and play for. It are available cell phone the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

  1. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is similar to the TR reboot which was published the 2009 year. Just as Lara Croft’s adventure, this too follows the tale of several grouped youngsters stranded on a remote island that’s filled to the brim with strange happenings. Although their games have a very hunting system – the one inch Far Cry 3 is more immense though – every one of them also begin working exploration as one of their few main themes. Far Cry 3 is enjoyable also due to the awesome stealth mechanics, its vast open world which has something you must do as well as its excellent story. Jump regularly into it without hesitation. It’s out cell phone the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

  1. Batman Arkham series

We admit, the Batman Arkham series seems quite unnatural in a long list of games comparable to Tomb Raider, however, if similar elements can be considered then any TR fan would approve of it. Firstly, there’s some incredibly challenging puzzle solving involved here. And the caped crusader can make full use of every one of his futuristic gadgets because of this purpose. Moreover, these Batman games feature juicy stealth mechanics plus an open world environment waiting being delved into. Along with their outstanding and widely appreciated combat system.

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