Top Games like Pokemon for iPhone

There aren’t a lot of games like Pokemon for iPhone on the App Store and finding the few available is quite a hassle. Well, we’ve made that simple for you. Listed below are titles that derive from an identical approach of capturing, training and battling different types of creatures, observed in the Nintendo-owned franchise. However, all of them has a unique design and gameplay. So if you’re ready for new adventures and discovering different types of creatures, at once below for the list of games.

  1. Monster Kingdom

Monster Kingdom can be an RPG from Zhurosoft where you strive to become a monster trainer. In this release, you start off by creating a team of monsters and train them in combat. These creatures have different types of abilities and there are over 90 monsters to collect. The developer has thrown in one single player campaign that continues all day and there’s also live PvP multiplayer support where you battle monsters of other players.

  1. Pocket Summoner

Pocket Summoner is one of the most famous games much like Pokemon for iPhone. The title is set in a global where players get out and capture in addition to train different types of spirits and cause them to become to their guards. You will find over 200 guards to obtain and each of them have unique abilities in addition to skills. You even get to go on quests and indulge in boss battles to allow you to capture stronger spirits.

  1. Zenforms: Protectors

In the language of the developer, Zenforms: Protectors a 2D monster training and battling RPG. The overall game takes place in a fantasy world called Gaia and it goes on a trip to become a Grand Protector. You begin off as students and bypass capturing Zenforms that are given life from Gaia Crystals. Each creature has upgradable stats such as for instance attack, defense and speed, and based about what abilities are augmented, the sort of evolution will vary. Also, there are 5 stages of evolution.

  1. MinoMonsters

Next through to the Pokemon for iPhone alternatives roster is MiniMonsters which really is a very addictive RPG. Such as the former, you create a team of monsters and use them in battles against others. These creatures come with special abilities and then may also undertake better forms through evolution. Besides several hours of singleplayer gameplay, you receive online multiplayer support as well, where you are able to challenge friends. There are lots of Minos to recapture and even legendary ones which are rare to find. The beautiful animated graphics and the straightforward battle system get this to title worth downloading.

  1. GeoSociety+

GeoSociety+ is just a game inspired by the Nintendo-owned franchise and other releases such as for instance Dragon Warrior Monsters and Revelation Demon Slayer amongst others. The title offers gameplay similar from what you’ll find on a GBA handheld. The story puts you as a member of staff for GeoSociety and you go about doing missions. Catching, training and battling monsters are the main focus here and with every victory, your whole team gains experience.

  1. Mighty Monsters

Mighty Monsters is amongst probably the most highly rated games much like Pokemon for iPhone on the App Store. The features here are no distinctive from what you’ll find in most additions on this compilation, but the gameplay is quite unique and is quite much like modern 2D RPGs. There are many islands to explore here where you will end up treated to varied quests and missions. Through your journey, you’ll encounter different monsters which may be collected and evolved.

  1. Monster Tamer

Monster Tamer is distinctive from all the aforementioned titles. Instead of being an RPG with turn-based combat, you fight monsters within real-time. Whilst the name suggests, you have the ability to tame monsters, but there are lots of which cannot be controlled. Your goal is always to destroy these creatures and capture others which may be utilized in combat. There are lots of bosses located in specific areas and different types of battle zones are given for you really to explore.

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