Top Games Like Pocket God

Have you been trying to find even more games like Pocket God? When you have not found out about Pocket God before, it is a game readily available for iOS and Android that is single player. This game is both addictive and fun due to the simulation and god-elements in the game. While we are likely to let you know about the best games like Pocket God, we thought we’d let you know more about that mobile game first. Pocket God is manufactured by Bolt Creative and you need to be the best choice in this game. You’ll lead the tropical island and you will have the controls over everything in the game. Pocket God has plenty of levels inside with there not being an actual goal. The overall goal is always to just enjoy yourself by doing things like drawing a double rainbow or finding hidden treasures. There are so many locations in this game, with the capacity to build structures and also destroy structures.

GodFinger 2

GodFinger 2 First on our set of games like Pocket God is GodFinger 2. That is an iOS-only mobile game that is also single-player. You will have to build and farm in this game with the main goal being controlling every section of your world. In this game, you’ve followers, which means you play the role of the Lord so to speak. You’ve to answer those prayers of the people, along side make goods and also grow crops.

Artificial Life

Artificial Life is on our set of the most effective games like Pocket God. This can be a game that can be obtained to both iOS and Android. A life simulation game combined with a real-time-shooter element makes for a great action game. The visuals in this game are great and the gameplay mechanics will also be very fun. You’ll basically have to govern organisms to be able to keep them going.


Thrive is the best games like Pocket God. It can be a game readily available for multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. This can be a real-time-shooting game with a lot of action and adventure. Inspired by Spore, this game has a lot of environmental changes that you will have to work through. You’ve to beat one other planets and make your personal civilization. That feat is simpler said than done, particularly when things get in your way.


Godus is on our list as one of many games like Pocket God you must check out. This game can be obtained for iOS and Android and was manufactured by 22Cans. This can be like Pocket God because it is a single-player God-element simulation game. You’ll begin the overall game by saving and man and woman from drowning. From there, you will have to lead the pair through levels. In Godus, you’ve to produce tents and move across various locations from throughout the place.

Celtic Village Heroes

Finally, we thought we’d let you know about Celtic Village Heroes. That is also one of the best games like Pocket God. Celtic Village Heroes can be obtained for Android and it is another god-like game. You must create your personal village and then control the people in the village. You will have magical powers in this game and you will have to utilize them to your advantage.

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