Top Games like Pixie Hollow

Do you love winning contests like Pixie Hollow, but don’t know what alternate choices exist for you personally? Well, then we have a cool list which we’ve compiled which may have exactly the same elements that got you attracted to this classic Disney creation. In these realms, you’re free to take the endless exciting quest and fulfill your desire for adventure. What exactly are you currently awaiting? Go ahead and subscribe for free.

  • Club Penguin

At ab muscles beginning of our list of games similar to Pixie Hollow, we would wish to introduce this other spectacular Disney Interactive Studios creation titled Club Penguin.Have you ever wanted to visit the North Pole?

Well, then this pick will certainly offer you a sense of how it is always to live there if you had been a fun-loving penguin that is. Here you will get to stay in a spot where you can roam around in a Penguin guise and mix around a lot of friendly neighborhood penguins and share in most the truly amazing fun activities that take place here on a typical basis.

When you subscribe here you are likely to be given your own personal icy home to shack up it and you are likewise able to decorate it with various kinds of furniture. And if you get lonely and are seeking companionship you can adopt a pet ‘Puffle’to be careful of.

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If you should be searching for a casino game where you could get to play a lot of quests and earn rewards, then Poptropica is intended only for you. This is another choice we’ve for you, where you could directly start playing without any download requirement.

Poptropica features many different types of worlds or islands that you could play on which have their separate dilemmas and your job is to complete the tasks that you have taken up in order to finish the quests and unlock cool rewards and items. Some quests that you complete out here might even unlock some new location that you happen to be utilizing your airship. So, if fun and adventure is that which you are searching for, then we suggest this one.

The following title with this listing of Pixie Hollow alternatives is Wizard 101 where, whilst the name suggests, you are going to be playing as a wizard studying in the famous Magical School of Ravenwood. Here you will get learn all the essential spells that you will have to use whenever you come in contact with some not-so-friendly wizards and other hostile creatures.

In this, you’ll realize that as you keep defeating enemies utilizing your magical abilities, your character can keep leveling up so you can take down more difficult enemies. You’ll even have a way to fight against other players in separate duels where your skills as the wizard are going to be tested. Besides these amazing features, you may also decorate your wizard avatar with various wizardry costumes to stand out from the normal crowd.

This fourth title on our list is brought to you by the same makers Wizard 101 namely Kingsisle Entertainment. Perhaps you have wanted to sail the seven seas with a ship of your personal? Well, then Pirate 101 allows you experience that and a lot more, as here as opposed to sailing in the water you’ll take to the skies in an airship looking for your following horizon.

There are lots of locations in the Skyway that you absolve to explore in this pick and use up almost any quest that you come across. As a pirate, you will get to master a particular set of special fighting skills that allows you take down all of your enemy pirates who dare to stand between you and your mission. So, proceed and live the life a sky pirate by gathering a staff and going on dangerous journey’s to locate your booty.

This 1 is one other popular virtual world-oriented option which we could add to our listing of games just like Pixie Hollow for you yourself to play. The virtual world element is visible prominently in this pick as you can easily interact with the other players and socialize with them.

You will find even tons of mini-games you can enjoy where you will have a way to earn cash to buy various items for your avatar and such as furniture, clothing, pets etc. This game was basically created keeping teens and tweens at heart, but the total amount of different activities and events that happen out here ensure it is interesting for adults and other age bracket member also. Some versions of Fantage may also be readily available for your android device and you are able to download them from your own apps store.

The past one on our roster is Animal Jam where you could play and roam around in your preferred animal avatar. In this pick you will get to master a whole lot in regards to the animals you will be playing as. Since Animal Jam was created in association with National Geographic Kids, you are able to expect to find many fun facts and play a lot of truly wild games out here.

Whenever you register in this pick you will get to play in the virtual realm of Jamaica where you could communicate with other animal characters and members who have joined this game. As soon as you subscribe here you certainly won’t feel like leaving anytime soon as you will get consumed by the brilliantly designed environments and also get involved with all the various games available here.

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