Top Games like Phage Wars

There are numerous fascinating games like Phage Wars, which derive from tactfully outsmarting your enemies and conquering the battlefield. So if you’re a fan of these types of games, then make sure to read the set of other brilliant options that we have mentioned for you personally here.

All of them involve the same gameplay mechanics as our main title in question, but you’ll still have a great time playing them nonetheless. Just let them have a decide to try and see for yourself.

  • Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace:

The first one we have for you personally is titled Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace. You will soon be playing here as a natural tentacle kind of microbe. And in this pick your main task is to fight off most of the alien microbes of different shapes and sizes that are present on each level. Each microbe that you control has a couple of tentacles that you need to make use of to be able to take over the enemy microbes.

  • Nano War 2

The second option we have for you personally on our collection of games similar to phage wars is the second version of the first Nano War. The inspiration for Nano War 2 is taken from the human body’s miniature cells which instinctively attack other foreign cells that try and enter the human organism. And the developers of this pick also have designed the background and graphics in such a way that it resembles the microscopic battles that take place hidden from the naked eye.

  • Jelly Go

In Jelly Go you will soon be controlling various jelly filled towers and slowly try and conquer the rivals’towers in a level. There are three modes of difficulty in Jelly Go i.e. easy, medium and hard, with the harder levels being unlocked only once you have completed the easy and medium ones.

  • BioDomination

The fourth game on our set of phage wars alternatives is BioDomination that is about the survival of the fittest. You’re playing as a tiny living organism or cell and your main objective is to defeat other cells by capturing them, thereby ensuring your existence. On each level out here, you will face an enemy with whom you will need to battle against for survival and dominate the region by controlling most of the cells.

  • Little Stars For Little Wars

Listed here is another simple game that is easy to understand and play. Little Stars For Little Wars of all about overpowering most of the round star planets on each level before your opponent does so. To play this game you simply need to quick to click the stars you would want to take, after that you might find tiny arrow-shaped warships slowly moving in to initiate a takeover.

  • Solarmax

The following title on our set of games similar to phage wars is Solarmax. In this pick, the battle takes place on a galactic stage where your main aim is to colonize planets by sending in your battleships. The developers of this pick did a good done the best wishes with the graphics as you will see as soon as your ships move around in to attack the enemy planets vessels to take it over.

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