Top Games like Pandemic

Do you just want to play the game like Pandemic, where you can attempt to dominate and eliminate other living things? Well, you then should check out our listing of fascinating options which may have the exact same aspects of our main title in question. These games have the tendency to acquire a little addictive but because it’s all harmful fun, so why not try these fun-filled entertainers that we have prearranged for you personally below.

  • Nano wars 2

The very first one we are able to recommend on our listing of games similar to Pandemic is this second version of Nano Wars. Here you can get to manage a couple of Nano cells called blue white blood cells of the human body. Since you may know from your science class, the white blood cells main job would be to destroy or take over other alien cells in the body. So in this, game, you are likely to be doing the same thing. You will need to basically order your white blood cells to attack and take over all the rival red cells that you will see anywhere in your map. All you have to complete is use your mouse to select your white cells and drag the pointer towards the army of red cells. Soon you will see your white blood cells discharging a small fraction of its units into the red cells and when their numbers overwhelm those of the red cells, this means you have successfully taken over them and will proceed to the next round.

  • Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace

Listed here is another interesting game for all you could fan of strategy and takeover. In this pick, you are likely to be controlling some tentacle type of viruses whose main aim is to steer your green Pulsar microbes to catch the rest of the red alien microbes before they dominate your microbes. To get this done you will need to make a sequence of one’s little minion microbes to suck living out of all the opposing cells. As you proceed in most of the levels out here, you’ll encounter the menacing purple microbes which can be stronger and tougher to take over. They also have very good instincts that make them think quickly and act smart when under threat, so you are sure to find a challenge in this one.

  • Little Stars for Little Wars

The next option on our roster of Pandemic alternatives is titled Little Stars for Little Wars. Whilst the name may suggest, that one includes a certain sci-fi element to it, as you will need a charge of a commander of a small group of stars in a galaxy. As the commander, you are given the duty of taking over a large number of star planets with the help of you small fleet of or airships. Through your gameplay, you’ll start with an orange planet and attempt to obtain most of the neutral stars on the map in order to expand your fleet. But you’ll need to be fast out here as there is also another enemy planet that is attempting to complete the same thing.

  • Bubble Domination 2

Our next game will have you playing as a bubble master. Bubble Domination 2 is all about Capturing most of the neighboring bubbles located near your primary blue bubble and make them your own bubbles. You certainly can do this may first selecting your primary bubble and then targeting the nearest one, once you choose you to target a few blue bubbles is likely to be discharged from your primary one and attack the neutral one. Once it gets converted into an orange bubble it begins multiplying so that you can proceed to fully capture the to rest of them on the map. There are as many as 60 several types of levels as you are able to play out here. Whenever you succeed in finishing an amount here, you are rewarded with special stats points where you are able to improve the abilities of one’s bubbles’speed, attack, defense, and morale.

  • Jelly Go

Listed here is another fun option which we could add to the listing of games similar to Pandemic for you to check out. Prepare yourself for plenty of jolly jelly fun in this pick titled Jelly Go. Out here you are likely to be in control of your Jelly warrior and his pals on a quest to rid the Jelly world from the evil red jelly pirate, who wants to infest the entire kingdom together with his red jelly minions. Now it is your job to avoid this fiend from achieving his evil agenda by capturing all his red jelly minions that can come to attack your blue jellies. In this pick, your jelly warriors get leveled up while they keep conquering their foes and the degree of jelly generation increases rapidly so that you can end the reds once and for all.

  • Phage Wars

Inside our last game of the list, we offer you Phage Wars for your scrutiny. In that one, you are likely to be playing the role of a parasite that’s fighting for to infect most of the cells of an organism ahead of the opponent’s cells. Your parasite has three forms of attributes that helps its infection rate. These are its strength, agility, and speed. Your battles will need to invest a fluid sort of environment, where you’ll actually be able to see the tiny germ parasites which can be released from the mother floating around to reach the destination cell to possess it. Whenever you successfully captured a cell, it starts multiplying more cells for you to continue your mission.

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