Top Games like Oblivion

Here you will see some of the very enchanting games like Oblivion that’ll blowing you away using their epic gameplay and stellar graphics. You won’t even have to waste any moment looking for identical themed picks because the below mentioned titles have all the features you might ever need to play and that resembles our main title in question. They come set with loads of action and entertainment so we are confident that you will not be disappointed with these few that we have dug up.

6 Games like Oblivion

  1. Dragon Age II

This is first option we have for you personally on our list of games similar to Oblivion that will be titled Dragon Age. At ab muscles beginning of your whole gameplay, you can choose from three of the special class of fighters i.e. you can play either as a rogue and showcase your dagger fighting skills, or you might choose the trail of a warrior and fight with sword and shield or you can even play as a mage and depend upon sorcery and other powers to quickly defeat your foes.

  1. Fable III

The next one which we are able to recommend is Fable III that has been released by Lionhead Studios. In this pick you is going to be put in the center of a very dramatic scenario where must carefully check everything you say to be able to pursue a specific path that will make you a large-hearted or feared leader.

  1. The Witcher 2: Assassination of Kings

Our next option titled Assassination of Kings is another game that’s based majorly on fantasy which explains why we have added it to our list of Oblivion alternatives for you yourself to try out. In this pick you is going to be playing as an advanced sort of superhuman called a Witcher who has special skills to kill monsters and other vicious creatures with relative ease.

  1. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

How do we forget to say this insanely entertaining option within our assortment of the best role winning contests? This pick created by Big Huge Games, bring ever players fantasies your with all the current spectacular visuals and effects that you can get to witness out here. Playing as a hero you can get traveling the vast Kingdoms of Amalur searching for the following brave quest to embark on.

  1. Dark Souls II

Dark Souls is another title which we are able to suggest on our list of games similar to Oblivion for you yourself to play. These days you will see a great amount of action and adventure, which explains why it is really a must-have for several fans of action RPGs. Your is going to be playing an identity who is born and lives to fight in environments which are overrun with evil creatures, demons and other hellish relatives.

  1. Gothic 3

And finally we are proud presenting this third version of the famed Gothic series within our selection. Here you will again play the part of a Nameless Hero and choose whether to fight permanently or earn a standing of being fully a treacherous fiend who loves just death and destruction. Through your gameplay you’ve the absolute freedom to pick from the three factions that you simply would want to join.

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