Top Games like Never Gone

Never gone welcomes you to a gloomy gothic world in that you will take part in dynamic battles against skeletons, vampires, and other evil spirits. You battle hordes of monsters with a sword and other weapons. That is where your close fight skills matter.

Basically, Never Gone goes along the lines of games like Double Dragon or Final Fight, however, it brings a lot of elements from the stylish action like Devil May Cry. You can find some light RPG elements that permit you to develop your character and get new gear.

The framerate is smooth, but there is a stilted feeling to the animation and movement that never goes away. The enemies outpace you in character development that you are basically forced to pay for up if you want to keep up. On another hand, you can’t tale style from the character’s attacks. You’ve got a virtual directional pad that you should use to change your attacks, and buttons for attacking, jumping and blocking. You can find many moves to master, and you’ll open up more as you progress through the game and level up your character. Levels are the type of short, composed of only one or perhaps a few more smaller areas where you’ll face a set band of enemies.

FIE swordplay

Here you are able to fight with real internationally recognized rules. Laws of physics are applicable as well. Your avatar can fight real players (say hello to social networks) or computer opponents (they don’t appear to be Androids). As summer Olympics in Rio is overpowering the world news this game is the sure thing to get you to feel just like a part of it. And similar to the Olympics it gets really difficult further in the game. You are able to arm up with sword, saber or rapier.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Portal power

Teenage mutant ninja turtles are all the rage right now. The user can play along with ninja turtles and prevent villain Shredder from bringing his devilish plans to life. Enjoy unique skills of turtles and defeat most of the legendary enemies!

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Avengers is another uber popular bunch. Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and others will save the universe from villains again. Join the Avengers army and fight off the attacks of galaxy evil.

Lego Bionicle: Mask of control

Lego Bionicle: Mask of control – is just a fighting and adventure game. You visit a dangerous maze to find ancient and powerful Mask of Control before it enters hunter’s hands.

Real Steel Robot Boxing Champions

It has buttons and directions that you’ve to press and everything else. A block, a light attack, much attack, and a context-sensitive special attack, enable you to punch around (and decapitate) your opponents. Combining an attack with a direction does change the kind and animation of the attack you do, however, it doesn’t seem to possess much of a direct effect how much damage is done. That mostly depends on whether your opponent is defending himself. Meanwhile, it does deliver a lot of fun.

Blood & Glory

Emerge the days of the legendary Roman death sports, the player uses up the mantle of a promising young combatant in the gladiatorial arena. You’ll work the right path from tournament to tournament, earning experience points and silver that may be traded in for stat boosts and new equipment.

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