Top Games Like Nerve

Nerve is really a game where you basically play dare in place of truth or dare. Nerve is on the basis of the film starring Dave Franco and Machine Gun Kelly. There are always a lot of games like Nerve available that individuals will talk about. First, though, we wished to offer you a little additional information about Nerve.

Truth or Dare

Since Nerve is really a dare-based game, one of the very similar games like Nerve out there’s Truth or Dare. In Truth or Dare, which can be acquired on iOS or Android, you play this smartphone game just like you would the old school game. There are always a ton of truths and dares obtainable in the overall game, which means hours of entertainment and fun.

Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare

If you are looking for a really cool game just like Nerve, then have a look at Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare. This is like the classic game you used to play in senior high school but can be acquired on both iOS and Android. In this game, you are able to upload an avatar and then play with around eight of your friends.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is definitely one of the greatest games like Nerve out there. This can be a game where you can play with multiple friends and you will find over 100 questions available. More questions are always being added and new questions will appear so you are not at all times getting exactly the same types of questions.

Evil Apples

Evil Apples can be one of the greatest games like Nerve available, and in addition, it includes a lot of similarities to Cards Against Humanity. This game can be acquired free of charge on iOS, and it is a great game to play with several friends. Just like other games, the goal would be to complete the blanks with this game with crazy or weird words. You should browse the card aloud while other players pick the best options, and you become the judge.

Ticket to Ride

Lastly, on our games like Nerve list, we wanted to fairly share Ticket to Ride. This game can be acquired on both iOS and Android for $6.99. Ticket to Ride is really a game that is similar to the old board game of exactly the same name. This can be a game where you’ve to try to score points by connecting the cities to the train line.

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