Top Games Like Neopets

Jump onto your computer, register, and get introduced to your brand-new playful e-pal. You’ll be able to train your newfound friend, buy a lot of additional stuff and even decorate its home just how you want.

What’s more, your pet won’t be of the average sort. The websites enable you to adopt some fantastic creatures that possess different abilities. If you want a unique companion, well read on. Do you love monsters? Therefore, we jump in to help you in searching for the best Games Like Neopets.

8 Games Like Neopets


This virtual portal enables you to adapt your pet along with produce a unique human avatar. You will end up introduced to a fantastic community where you may also make some new friends while having a good time online.

There are many than 60 species of creatures to opt from. And in terms of your alternate guise is worried, the makers have even provided a whole slew of trendy products and stylish clothing items for it. Whenever you register, you’ll automatically be endowed with 5,000 SP along with a beginner kit that comprises of cool things.

Moshi Monsters

Step in, adopt a silly pet, and love the adorable being to pieces. This entrant in our games, just like the Neopets roster, is packed to the hilt with loads of puzzles and games that allow you to earn in-game currency called Rox. These tokens can be used to purchase beautiful objects for your cuddly critters.

There is also a host of safe social networking options such as newsfeeds, buddy lists, pinboards, and Monster blogs. The various games organized here may also be quite educational because they test the kid’s logic, arithmetic, spatial, and vocabulary skills.


The free virtual pet site is home to 21 fun-filled virtual worlds where individuals of all ages could make new friends and partake in active online community events.

And besides just proffering its members with online pets, the website even plays host to plenty of exciting games and liven up dolls. Here, each player can own up to and including a dozen critters and acquire in-game currency by playing various exciting titles.

This cash may then be used to purchase content for your pet. It’s your responsibility to feed, care, and even cure your pets when they’re unwell. And aiding you in your quest are some important places like the gym, battle arena, school, job center, hospital, Gate of the Graveyard, and hotel.

Creature Breeder

This fascinating inclusion in our Neopets alternatives list is noted to become a community of farms that enable members to nurture and care for their animated virtual pets. You can join in with players from all across the planet and dabble in a few breeding fun.

You’ll even be able to buy and sell a wide variety of pets with virtual money. The portal offers you plants, toys, and other kinds of decorations to splash across your farm. And according to the brains behind this endeavor, ‘it’s safe, fun, and free.’ Just what exactly have you been awaiting?


Wish to see your stuffed toy you hug at night come alive online? Well, this kind of website helps breathe life into your adorable fuzzy creature.

Fashioned for individuals aged 6 to 13 and above, the virtual terrain enables you to endow your plush pet with a catchy name and even give it a particular home area, which is often decorated with fun accessories that can be purchased through the online store.

To get you started, you obtain endowed with 2,000 KinzCash. Besides several arcade titles, there’s a Quizzy’s Question Corner thrown into the amalgamation that can help you earn more in-game currency.

Pixie Hollow

It’s now time to sprinkle some fairy dust onto our games, just like Neopets array. This one pops right out of Disney’s barn, bringing along a world of exciting beings and activities. Here you’ll be able to adopt a dog friend who’ll stop your company while exploring the vast lush meadows which can be spread across online.

Power Pets

There are many than 80 adoptable pets to take full benefit of here. You can guide them to cook as well as bring them into battle. You’ll even be able to exploit over 20 free flash games and earn trophies, badges, conquests, achievements, and quests within its confines. You may also get your hands on daily power bucks and freebies. It’s ‘your pet, your choice, your adventure.’


Our final contender in our roundup bombards you with activities, questions, and games that’ll stop you occupied all night on end. You can select from 14 virtual pet species and a treasure chest of exciting items along with loads of avatars that can be strewn all around the virtual plane. A number of the games you can expect to espy here include Ice Snake, Catch, Survivor, Jar Match, Red vs. Blue, and Ice Breaker.

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