Top Games like Nancy Drew

Are you currently a lover of detective games like Nancy Drew of the point-and-click genre? Then when you have finished playing all similar games created by Her Interactive, we’ve made an entire set of another available choice that you can try out. So go through them 1 by 1 as all of them contain all the amazing aspects of mystery and wonder that will thrill you over and over.

  • Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes

The very first one on our set of games much like Nancy Drew may be the legendary detective of crime-solving. We are needless to say, referring to the fantastic Sherlock Holmes. And in this pick, you can get to play since the mystery solver in many cases involving crime and deception. The gameplay is somewhat identical to the main title in question. However, in this 1, you will even get to make use of hints once you find it too difficult to find some crucial clues to fix a certain crime.

  • Gray Matter

The 2nd option we’ve on our list is brought to you by Wizarbox. You can play it on your own Windows PC or Xbox console. This 1 titled Gray Matter follows the story of a young detective-cum-magician, by the name of Samantha, and her chance encounter having an Oxford University professor, David Styles. Through the game’s progress, you can get to uncover plenty of mysterious events that take devote the lifespan of Professor Styles.

  • Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

The following one we suggest for the Nancy Drew alternatives roster is this Agatha Christie creation titled Death on the Nile. As much as you may know, Agatha Christie has created fictional crime and murder investigator, Hercule Poirot. And in this game, you could have the privilege of playing since the famed detective as he undertakes the task of solving some of the most complicated killings involving a group of suspicious individuals.

  • Myst

Myst is another good game where you could reach play the role of an investigator who’s given the task of solving a complicated mystery. The story behind this 1 is that you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an odd island called Myst, the existence of that you simply had discovered in a guide of the exact same name. So so you have to fix the island’s many riddles to be able to reach the bottom of things.

  • Syberia II

Listed here is another puzzler which we are able to add to the collection of games much like Nancy Drew for you really to try out. In this second part of the original Syberia, you will be playing a lawyer-turned-adventurer by the name of Kate Walker and follow her trails to find an unusual species of mammoth called the Syberian Mammoth in the forgotten realm of Syberia.

  • Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

The past one on our list is the next installment of The Longest Journey titled Dreamfall. This 1 has combined all the weather of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving to offer one exciting story. Here you are able to control not just one but three different characters with different skills and storylines.

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