Top Games like Monster Rancher

Have a look at these few games like Monster Rancher which have some unique gaming elements. These form of games an especially fun to play as you can get to breed your animals or pets and guide or instruct them to transport out various tasks on your behalf. This implies that you will be playing the role of caretaker and breeder of most different types of animals or other creatures. You can then utilize them for fights and battles or just to help you get things done, the decision is ultimately yours.

  • Pokemon X and Y

The most obvious top spot on our listing of games much like Monster Rancher is the newest release in the Pokemon series titled Pokemon X and Y. You’ll go back to the battlefield in this pick again as an instructor of these magnificent monsters and even collect some new species of creatures called Legendary Pokemon.

  • Shepherd’s Crossing

Another one we can suggest for all you could animal raising lovers is Shepherd’s Crossing. Out here you will have to use up the responsibility of owning a successful farm filled with planting different veggies and selling them in the nearby market to earn cash.

  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

The game designers from TOSE have released this spectacular 3D creature breeder titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The game takes one to a fictional island of Green Bays that is seemingly overrun by all kinds of potent monsters. You, however, becoming an ambitious monster trainer will soon be scouting this place to make a team of your personal monster fighters.

  • Spore

The fourth one on our listing of Monster Rancher alternatives is Spore which can be bought to you by the makers of the entire world famous Sims series. Spore takes creature breeding to a completely new level as out here you will soon be personally guiding a creature in its evolution. You’ll start from ab muscles origins of life, where your creature will soon be seen in a small cell form and shape its characteristics, features, and traits until it is developed enough to think for itself and stand on its own two feet.

  • Impossible Creatures

Another option we can recommend for you really to try is Impossible Creatures developed by Relic Entertainment for the Windows PC. The gameplay out here revolves around you gathering the DNA of varied different types of animals’species and combining the DNA of two species to obtain an ‘Impossible Creature ‘.

  • Pikmin 2

This second installment of Pikmin is a different one that may be included in this list. What you would be basically doing in this one is controlling a huge army of plant creatures called ‘Pikmin and forage for hidden treasures on a distant planet. Their many varieties of Pikmin creatures can you are able to raise out here and each of them has useful traits that will assist you to fulfill a certain objective in the game.

  • Dragon Story

Dragon Story is the last option we’ve for you with this listing of games much like Monster Rancher, which you may download online on your Android or iOS device. Whilst the title out here suggests, you will soon be breeding all kinds of dragon species in this pick ranging from fire dragons to magical dragons.

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