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Metroid fever spreading! Since Nintendo announced no, but two new Metroid games (one that is slated for this year), people are going nuts for your return in the franchise. The reason is easy methods to so long ago we’ve seen a Metroid game, and there’s a really very small like it. Using its sci-fi hints, moody atmosphere, and try an enjoyable massive open world gameplay, It is a string which required care as a key gorgeous for now. It’s high time due to the return.

Similar Games to Metroid

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Happening some three years after Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Symphony in the Night shifts the main focus from Richter Belmont onto Alucard, the son in the notorious Dracula. Alucard, realizing how dangerous his father truly is, rushes on destroy Dracula’s castle once too as for all. However, upon reaching his destination, they are stopped by Death and is particularly stripped of almost all his vampiric powers. He pursues his goal anyway, and, together with the young vampire hunter named Maria Renard, hopes to finally seal away Dracula once too as for all.

Shadow Complex

A prequel to Orson Scott Card’s novel Empire, Shadow Complex stars Jason Fleming on a hiking expedition together with recent romantic entanglement, Claire. They’re out with the Olympic Mountains when the pair accidentally stumbles upon a secret military base. Claire’s captured by the soldiers stationed there, this is approximately Jason to back up her. However, in the operation, he might land up stumbling upon a significantly grander conspiracy than he every considered probable that could engulf the globe!

Cave Story

You’re not really sure who or what you are. A charge card awakens from a cave some time, powerless and weaponless. After some exploring, you will find a broken gun that’s as a minimum sufficiently strong in order to some rubble out of the way, assisting you to enter another cave. Here, you find a small village with cute rabbit-like creatures called Mimigas. Despite the warm and lovely atmosphere, though, it is really a fairly miserable place. Lots of Mimigas inhabit anxiety about a figure only known as “The Doctor”, who arrives at capture the Mimigas. You’ll set off to stop the Doctor’s nefarious schemes and bring peace back to the Mimiga people!


You’d think Juan Aguacate only agreed to be a painless farmer. And, well, they are!… except he somehow was turn out to be friends with El Presidente’s daughter. He can’t do a single thing about that, though. Because he’s dead. Or, rather, Juan was killed by a skeletal being named Carlos Calaca when it is in to eliminate protecting his friend. However, it is not all hope is lost! Within the underworld, they are granted the powers from a luchador named Tostada and is able to shift between worlds in the living along with the dead. Now Juan has set off to stop Calaca from sacrificing El Presidente’s daughter and gaining management of both worlds!

Axiom Verge

The field of Sudra is trouble. A mad person called Athetos has thought they would destroy the Rusalki people and wipe your entirety in the Sudran civilization. Luckily for them, a scientist named Trace has caused an explosion in their laboratory and it has somehow transported himself to Sudra. The Rusalki plan to pin almost all their hopes on Trace as a way to confront Athetos and bring peace back into their world. However, they may be hiding something from Trace…

 Strider (2014)

Do not realize this, but your complete Strider franchise is actually based on a manga! It’s a kind of franchises, though, while game series has overshadowed the main work. However, this valuable Strider game is something from a reboot, drawing inspiration from each Strider work due to the story, both games, and story. One more time, Grandmaster Meio produces problems in Kazakh City, this is approximately Strider to stop him.

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