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Old school platformers have a charm of their particular, but these games like MegaMan look to offer much more than what the usual titles from the genre do. The freedom for choosing whichever stages you want to tackle first, the special boss patterns, the initial weapons and a lot more will achieve pleasing fans of the incredibly popular platforming titles. Capcom’s spectacular series has given us some of the very memorable gaming experiences of our lives, and that’s what has made them such iconic offerings.

This series made its debut on the NES in 1987 and gave us brilliant titles one following the other. It’s till date spawned significantly more than fifty titles on many different platforms including modern ones. At the time of 2010, these offerings had collectively sold twenty-nine million copies worldwide. There are lots of other developers who’ve tried to build upon the blueprint given by Capcom’s offerings. Today, we’ll be exploring some of the finest out of these, to offer you a clear list that titles deserve to be compared against Rockman (as the beloved robot character is named in Japan). Let’s take a peek at them.

 Whomp ‘Em

Whomp ‘Em imitated Capcom’s classics on many counts, making it one of the very recognized clones of the titles in question. Developed by a Japanese company named Jaleco, this overly impressive action platformer premiered only for the NES in 1991. Allowing you to play as a Native American protagonist, it asks you to accomplish one stage and choose whichever you would like among the remainder after that. Moreover, following each new stage, a fresh weapon is gained by the character. This neatly designed game contains some vibrant old-school visuals that are highlighted by its spectacular usage of colors.

 Darkwing Duck

This pick for our listing of games much like MegaMan has also been developed by Capcom. Based on the eponymous Disney television series, it features some really addictive gameplay that’s made much more impressive by its superb mechanics. It premiered for the NES in 1992, and in this year, also made its solution to the Game Boy in the form of a monochrome version. The Gas Gun is this duck superhero’s weapon of preference, and through the entire game’s stages, you’ll encounter various power-ups that change the sort of output this gun provides. Freedom to select stages by yourself is also present in this utterly challenging offering.

 Batman: Return of the Joker

Batman: Return of the Joker is a wonderful side-scroller which first made its solution to the NES in 1991, before landing on the Sega Mega Drive a year later. This single-player offering tells the story of the Joker escaping from an insane asylum and wanting to send Gotham City into utter chaos. Playing as Batman, you need to make your path through several challenging levels while utilizing different types of bearings and projectiles. Batman: Return of the Joker features the old school password system which allows you to get involved with any level provided you realize the code which will be accessible after once completing each level.

 Cave Story

One of the finest titles available through the 3DS eShop, Cave Story is a contemporary MegaMan alternative which draws heavy inspiration from Capcom’s offerings. Developed by Studio Pixel, it features some really extravagant visuals which make the most of the power of modern platforms while also retaining their retro charm. Cave Story is just a platforming adventure filled to the brim with a big number of amazing and unforgettable scenarios. Apart from the 3DS and the DS, it may also be purchased for the Wii, PC, Mac, and Linux.

The Krion Conquest

The Krion Conquest or Magical Doropie as it’s called in Japan puts you in control of a wand-wielding character that can fire various kinds of projectiles with regards to the type of wand that’s been chosen. While its gameplay is very much identical to early Mega Man titles, it borrows the type of its cutscenes from Ninja Gaiden offerings. It was launched for the NES back in 1991.


This penultimate entry to your compilation of games just like MegaMan is really a fantastic NES offering which deserves to be played by fans of the tv screen series. This gem of a platformer from Capcom was certainly one of the most used titles of its time, and it was made so by its amazing gameplay highlighted by non-linear levels, extreme boss battles and a great deal more. DuckTales is also particularly appreciated for the lively visuals. Only recently, a Remastered version of it with support for high-resolution graphics was launched for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

 Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Super Heroes was launched by Sega for the Game Boy Advance in 2005, and it’d received an incredibly pleasing response from gamers and critics alike. It’s basically a function and gun action game which places you in the shoes of protagonists Red and Blue, who are out to combat the Empire within an organization called ‘The Third Eye.’ During its incredibly enjoyable and challenging levels, you’re given the option to select from three different weapon types at any given time. Gunstar Super Heroes also has a supercharge meter that fills when players defeat their enemies, and once it reaches its maximum, a strong attack may be unleashed.

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