Top Games like Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a research fiction action role-playing game that is played in the third person. It’s produced by the Canadian company BioWare and is released for all major computer game consoles. There are still four games to the franchise and their stories all follow from one another. The story can be as follows. You play as a gift named Commander Shepard whose main mission is to truly save the galaxy from the mechanical invaders who are referred to as the Reapers. The latest game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, was just released in March of 2017. It is the first Mass Effect video game to feature open world environment and inspire the players to explore the huge galaxy as opposed to tracking a linear pattern. Up to now, the overall game has received mixed reviews from fans, citing the key issue being the animations. Either way, this recent addition to the series stays true to the space exploration themes and fighting evil invaders.

Games Like Mass Effect – 2017 Edition


If you should be a supporter of the open world feel to the newest Mass Effect game, then Skyrim might be right up your alley. Although this can be a super popular game that lots of gamers have played, I really do believe it is one to think about to end up like Mass Effect, and especially worth trying in the event that you haven’t played it before. Skyrim is the most recent game in the Elder Scrolls series and is similar to Mass Effect for the RPG elements. The story of Skyrim is relatively simple. You play as a “Dragonborn” who is sent off to prison. Luckily for you personally, as you are being carted off to your death, a dragon appears. Only you can stop the dragon infestation and save the entire world from the absolute most powerful dragon who aims to dominate the world.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution occurs as time goes on and players control Adam Jensen, a man who is an ex-SWAT officer and happens to be employed as a security officer. The company he works for gets attacked by a small grouping of terrorists and kills Adam’s ex-girlfriend, and leaving Adam almost dead. The company he works for just is actually specialized in artificial organs, so the business takes it upon themselves to truly save him via an extensive group of procedures that turn him into the part machine. The game then follows his journey after this life-saving surgery and Adam’s plans to avenge his



The Fallout series is definitely one to think about for fans of Mass Effect. These games are RPG games that have a massive open world for the players to explore. So like the most recent Mass Effect, you can explore the entire world at your personal pace and never have to follow a linear story. Though, the story in Fallout is unquestionably present. There are also several different outcomes that will occur based on the choices that you make in the game.

The Witcher

The Witcher is an action role-playing game that is produced by CD Projekt RED. The Witcher is defined in a research fiction world just like Mass Effect. This world is full of all sorts of creatures that will have fans thinking and imaging them in real life. You can spec your character to play the overall game however you please, so the decision of how exactly to play the overall game is there.

Dragon Age

Dragon Age is what I consider to be the overall game that is closest to Mass Effect. It’s produced by the exact same individuals who brought you Mass Effect, which means you will surely notice some artistic similarities. The Dragon Age series occurs in an exceedingly magical fantasy world that is full of Dragons and other mythical creatures. There are many of different classes and skills for the player to understand, so fans of Mass Effect will recognize that.

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