Top Games Like Lollipop Chainsaw

Wondering just how these 2 contradicting names are connected in such a contender in our games a lot like Devil May Cry roundup. Well, it is possible to find out subsequently once you recover acquainted while using the courageous protagonist, Juliet Starling. This is not your ordinary senior high school cheerleader only one that hunts down many zombies to the side.

  1. Devil May Cry

Our games like Devil May Cry lineup is filled for the brim with action-packed slices that offer fun hack-and-slash elements. Want to charge your beat ‘em up meter? Longing to bash up loads of baddies while wielding awesome powers or weapons? Well, it is possible to satisfy these cravings and more if you dive right into these titles listed out here. And if you do, it is certain that blood will likely be shed and no lives will likely be spared. Take no prisoners, show no mercy and fight with the might.

  1. God of War 3

An advanced true fan with the hack and slash genre, next the name Kratos will really ring a bell and how. Now this sort of not used to the captivating category, well the character in real question is none other than the God of War himself who traverses from the dangerous planes of ancient Greece, annihilating foes with his trusty double-chained blades.

  1. Heavenly Sword

Now our roster of games a lot like Devil May Cry doesn’t only contain titles which may have guys posing as powerful protagonists. Here are a few names illustrate you how it is like to be a ‘femme fatale.’ For the new can be a fiery red-haired heroine called Nariko. In this gem, she will be able to transform the Heavenly Sword into 3 distinct weapons.

  1. Darksiders

Here you will end up tasked with restoring niche between heaven and hell. And if you wish for doing that feat, you’re called to defend myself against the role of War himself who’s one of several 4 horsemen with the Apocalypse. As expected, you’ll face off against angels and demons while making the right path throughout the dangerous levels that come into contact with eerie dungeons.

  1. Bayonetta

As revealed earlier, it is possible to experience some delicious titles which involve loads of girl power. This inclusion in our Devil May Cry alternatives array helps you to take on the shiny high-heel boots of any witch who packs a punch.

  1. Ninja Gaiden 3

After agreeing to the guise of some dangerous warriors, it’s now time for it to see how it is like living the life of a ninja. Here you take on the robes of any Japanese dark hero called Ryu Hayabusa. You will find a captivating original plot and new gameplay elements awaiting individuals that dare to venture through these blood-filled levels.

  1. Dante’s Inferno

Should you loved titles like GOW or DMC, you’ll surely wish to acquire your copy of your virtual treat. It makes sense the escapades of Dante when he journeys from the 9 circles of hell just to save his beloved Beatrice who have been kidnapped by Lucifer.

  1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

In this MGS installment, it is possible to slice the right path through different stages together with your trusty high frequency Katana because of your side. Here you are free to take on these sneakers of any cyborg ninja called Raiden who can also slash objects found across the earth, all on account of the inclusion with the ZanDatsu Cut Mechanic feature.

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