Top Games Like Life Quest

Now as it’s likely you have already experienced is likely to life, things aren’t that hunky dory most of the time. There could have been instances where life has given you lemons. Similarly, all the names listed here proffer you different types of scenarios. Your task would be to dive straight into these confines and tackle the plethora of problems.

6 Games Like Life Quest

  1. Magic Life

Think about indulging in a concept that’s endowed with a spark of spells and magic moments? Well, this interesting game lets you go all Harry Potter on your own PC and accept the role of a powerful wizard who must partake in an ancient tournament. Here you can put your own personal spin on the in-game character and attempt quests that involve learning new spells and incantations, finding useful upgrades and defeating other wizard counterparts to become a legend.

  1. My Life Story: Adventures

This entrant inside our games much like Life Quest roster beckons one to go forth in search of your life’s true calling. Feel as if all of your existence is just floating by facing you? Well, don’t just sit by waving it goodbye. Hop onto the feet, leave that dead-end job far behind and locate a mentor who will allow you to achieve your goal and make all your dreams come true. However, this very path you undertake isn’t likely to be an easy one. It’s speckled with several conditions that only you can solve.

  1. Path to Success

You’re invited to step into the entire world of opportunities and pave your own personal way to success. Here too you obtain a customizable character to fashion according to your vision. You begin by heading to the big city with made dollars in your coffer but definitely a huge dream in your heart. With the image of success facing you, you attempt to overcome all odds and go to college, acquire a congrats, dine however you like at some of the finest restaurants around town and even own a luxurious penthouse suite which can be decorated based on your taste.

  1. My Kingdom for the Princess III

Everything started with the very first iteration, a time each time a mighty tornado tore the entire kingdom apart. It absolutely was around the brave knight called Arthur to help rebuild the ruins so that the beautiful princess Helen could reach her ailing father. Part II saw the kidnapping of the princess and how Arthur risked life and limb to avoid the invaders, save the royal lass and repair the entire kingdom. Now the storyline spread across this kind of inclusion inside our Life Quest alternatives array takes place 25 years later.

  1. Kudos 2

From Postiche Games, the makers of Rock Legend and Democracy, comes a fun-filled life-simulation treat which will surely tug at your heartstrings. The turn-based title lets you guide a single in-game character and see it through one of the toughest phases of its life – between the ages of 20 to 30. During this period, your character will strive to live life to the fullest by finding the right job, choosing friends and managing to pass leisure hours by indulging in various activities.

  1. Ciao Bella

Whilst the brains behind this endeavor reveals, the ultimate contender inside our games much like Life Quest roundup is really a simulation title that boasts of being an amalgamation of romance and fun. Here you step in to the shoes of a woman called Elena who’s plagued by a lot of problems. Your job is to help her make the right decisions, develop her career and even aid her strengthen her relationship with beau, Elio. You will find 13 unique levels to play through.

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