Top Games like L.A. Noire

Perhaps you have tried playing games like L.A. Noire, where you will need to investigate and solve crimes? Well, then in case this kind of games interest you, we have a big pile of six other viable options that you can check out. These picks are especially appealing to those gamers who love a good mystery and stories that are stranger than fiction. So if you haven’t played the following titles, we suggest you try them out when possible.

  • The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

It’s only fitting that individuals mention The Testament of Sherlock Holmes on our set of games similar to L.A. Noire as this detective is the very reason we allow us an interest for crime solving and many of us even grew up reading this famous detectives stories. However, even though you are a die-hard fan and have read all of the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, then in this pick you will discover it refreshing to learn that there’s an entirely new plot for you pursue.

  • Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut

The following pick on our list in this sensation horror-themed game titled Deadly Premonition developed by Access Games. When you have already played the initial Deadly Premonition version, you then will undoubtedly be thrilled by the release of this 1 called The Directors Cut whilst the developers have designed this pick with superior graphics and some more amazing content that’s unavailable in the previous one.

  • Alone in the Dark: Inferno

The next one that which we’ve entered into our set of L.A. Noire alternatives is Alone in the Dark: Inferno developed by Eden Games. That is another pick where you will receive a good mystery to investigate in addition to have the added adrenaline-rush of working with various supernatural beings that keep appearing at different instances throughout your gameplay.

  • Alan Wake

Alan Wake is another introduction to your list which has a large number of horror elements and also a fascinating mystery to unravel. Here you will undoubtedly be playing as a writer of the psychological thriller genre who is investigating the disappearance of his wife and working with a mystical dark entity which includes captured the bodies of few of the citizens of Bright Falls.

  • Heavy Rain

Listed here is one which really is a must play for many fans and gaming enthusiasts of the crime-solving genre. That is one of many major explanations why we’ve included Heavy Rain on our set of games similar to L.A. Noire for you to play on your own PS3. Your gameplay out here will take you on a complicated quest to catch an infamous murderer who is called the ‘Origami Killer’due to the paper Origami creations that he leaves behind after he kills his victim.

  • Fahrenheit

And finally, we give you Fahrenheit as the past game which we can recommend for many gamers who won’t play the role of detective. In this 1, however, the main character you are playing as is not a detective himself but is forced to take up this role when he mysteriously leads to murder a person whom he has never met before.

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