Top Games Like Kitchen Scramble

Cooking games are a lot of fun, particularly if you possess some time and energy to kill. Given how prevalent they are, it’s hard to get the good from the bad sometimes, so we’ve compiled a fast list of the finest 5 games like Kitchen Scramble. So without further to accomplish, let’s get cooking ‘!

Top Games Like Kitchen Scramble

Restaurant Story 2

Going for a slight leave from most cooking games and Kitchen Scramble, Restaurant Story 2 has you buying ingredients before cooking them. Unfortunately, this tends to prevent people in their tracks, however, in all honesty, it adds some realism to the proceedings.Needless to say, there are several restrictions involved in just how much you can buy in a single go and just how much you hold, although with time and with enough upgrades, you can overcome that little hurdle.

Happy Chef 2

Happy Chef 2 doesn’t break the mold but alternatively adds to it more than anything else. The gameplay is pretty very similar to every other cooking game, the characters come in, order something, you cook it with several clicks, hand it over and they’re on the way. Usually, the one problem is that there is a lot of clicking involved which can be frustrating, but buying upgrades will help a lot because of regard.

Cooking Fever

Where Cooking Fever really sticks out is its pacing. As you progress through the overall game, you slowly get new recipes that increase in small increments of difficulty. Not only that, nevertheless the upgrades themselves also dole out the progression and difficulty of play, and thus you won’t be banging your mind contrary to the wall out of frustration. All that said, one of the biggest problems of Cooking Fever may be the paywall that you hit half-way through the overall game rendering it almost impossible to continue.

Papa’s Series

Papa’s cooking game series is a seminal function in the cooking time administration category, and could likely be the one which actually collection the category on an upward spiral. Which range from pizzerias to Pastorius to even Cupcakeria, there’s the whole selection of different foodstuffs you can buy. Needless to say, given there are so many entries in the franchise, you can tell that the games are extremely popular and wide-spread.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

Self-described being an “Intense Hardcore Restaurant Simulation”, Cook, Serve, Delicious really deserves that title. In place of emphasizing realistically representing how cooking is completed, the overall game instead represents the issue and tiredness of cooking and managing a restaurant. Rush hours, slow times, having to clean the bathrooms and sign up for the trash, the whole thing falls in destination for a perfectly recreate the impression of being in the restauranteur world.

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