Top Games Like Kingdom Rush

The games like Kingdom Rush roped in here provide non-stop action on the strategy front. They are all engaging games which were completely dipped into the tower defense pool. Many of them have a dream setting that’s just like the gem in question. What’s more, the options jotted down listed below are fashioned for different platforms such as the PC, consoles and mobile devices. So based on the gadget of your decision, you can pick your desired game.

6 Games Like Kingdom Rush

  1. Zaptonia Defense

You will end up pulled into the city of Zaptonia where you have to defend your beloved land. Your aim in Zaptonia Defense would be to earn your freedom and stop the waves of enemies before they allow it to be to the end of the maze. This can be achieved by strategically placing defense towers at specific positions along the trail of the labyrinth. These virtual power-packed structures could even be regularly upgraded so that they are ready to defend myself against the foes passing by. However, you will have to start by building only basic towers because of the initial lack of funds. The different combat structures featured in this online PC gem are the sentinel, cannon, fire, crystal outpost, and wizard lair and elf towers. Prepare yourself to manage creeps like rat scouts, lesser demons, battle-gores, lizard men, human assassins, goblins, lion men, troll creeps and wizards along the way.

  1. Tiny Heroes

The old saying, ‘size doesn’t matter,’ fits this next entrant within our games just like Kingdom Rush roster to the tee. What’s more, you’ll be playing on the other side of what the law states, which means your enemies are in fact the small heroic characters. You will find five main kinds of these goody two-shoes lot namely, rangers, clerics, knights, thieves and wizards. Tiny Heroes even throws some ‘Epic’ heroes at you, so be cautious about those tiny rascals.

  1. Frontline Defense

Frontline Defense proffers various different units that show to be quite effective from the hordes of enemies marching your way. Several of those defense mechanisms include Rifleman Turret, Bio Chemical Tower, Shotgun Turret, Heat Ray Tower, Machine Gun Turret, Radar Tower, Rocket Turret, Ice Tower, Flame Thrower, Power Amplifier and Electro Tower.

  1. Defenders of Ardania

If fantasy settings and characters are what you crave then this kind of inclusion within our Kingdom Rush alternatives array is right up your alley. Also called DoA, Defenders of Ardania transports you to the planet of Majesty. Developer Most Wanted Entertainment has even introduced a bit of a twist into the game. Besides simply placing towers at strategic points, you can also jump directly into one’s heart of all the action by stepping into the shoes of the attackers that are out to conquer the enemy base.

  1. Crystal Defenders

This turn-based strategy tower defense game is crafted to put a look on the faces of portable gadget owners. Publisher Square Enix has unleashed Crystal Defenders onto iOS and Android devices to ensure that you’ll manage to take the fun with you wherever you go. Your goal here’s to stop enemy monsters from sneaking on your side and stealing the crystal reserves.

  1. Fieldrunners

Now how do any games just like Kingdom Rush roundup be complete with no mention of this kind of name? Well, Fieldrunners is certainly no stranger to the tower defense genre. And fans of this style will truly know very well what they’re engaging in if they procure this gem. Now for many who may be new to the scene, well this 1 is really a multiplatform treat which allows players to scatter their towers in order to stop the invading field-runners.

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