Top Games like Kingdom Hearts

This is a cool assortment of games like Kingdom Hearts for all you action and adventure fans. These few picks are filled up with high volumes of intense battles and electrifying gameplay that will certainly captivate you. So, if you’re dying to play some real action-oriented entertainers that resemble our main title, we highly recommend that you try these out.

  • Rogue Galaxy

We will commence our list of games just like Kingdom Hearts by mentioning this Level-5 creation released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 console. An extended distinct quests and danger riddled journey’s await you in this pick. You is likely to be playing the role of budding hero by name of Jaster who joins a pirate crew to pursue his ambition of exploring the vast expanses of space. So now in this galaxy of magic and wonder you’ll meet a lot of monstrous enemies to combat and many allies who will join you in battle. The team mechanics is really a major aspect of gameplay out here as your allies always help you when you land in trouble. You can play with up to two allies and fight with many magical weapons to overpower your foes or even use lethal special attacks.

  • Radiata Stories

The 2nd one which we have for you is Radiata Stories developed by tri-Ace for PS2. Even in this pick you will see strength in numbers, as you are certain to get to add three other characters to your party to help you fight in battles. You are playing the role of an adventure-loving teenager by name of Jack and follow his conquests in Radiata city. You may also get a chance to play and also a wide variety of allies, all of which has their own special skills that they use unceasingly in battle. And usually the one interesting concept that you may see here’s your ability to easily instigate fights by kicking a specific character or creature. However you will find that you will have higher than a great amount of combat without applying this technique, as this place is filled up with hostile enemies which are not of human origin.

  • Grandia III

Grandia III is one among the many Kingdom Hearts alternatives because of the thrilling fighting sequences and gameplay elements which are both exciting and entertaining in nature. Here you is likely to be playing being an brave warrior pilot called Yuki who’s on a mission to find out the secrets of past world’s and aid a spirit communicator by name of Alfina. And prepare yourself to have an entire different combating system that you’d have not seen before which could actually help you defeat enemies prior to the fight actually begins. For this reason creative mechanism you will be able to equip your character with a huge selection of special attacks and that keeps increasing as you level up. And you do not have to think immediately as your gameplay are certain to get instantly paused when you choose which attack you want to deploy to complete your foes.

  • The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You is really a close cousin of our main title out here as it contains all exactly the same aspects of action, adventure and role-playing combined. The plot in that one will have you playing a child character by the name of Neku and his mission to compete and win the Underground Reaper’s Game. All battles will take devote a seemingly alternate universe where you must combat fictional entities referred to as ‘Noise’with assistance from some special elements called ‘Pins ‘. These ‘Pins’really are a major component that you utilize to win matches as these contain the energy required to eliminate all the sinister noise. This specific title is playable only your Nintendo DS or iOS device.

  • Final Fantasy XII

Another one we can recommend for you really to play is this twelfth installment of the famed final fantasy series produced by Square Enix. You will find around six different powerful characters that you are able to play as here however the party mechanics allow only three of them to accompany you in battle. Here you give reach explore a world in spectacular 3D and get to visit the vast region of Ivalice. Your missions will take you across various scenic areas and enter fights with random creatures that appear around this open world. Winning fights will mean a growth in your experience level which can make your particular character even more powerful. You’ll even get yourself a vast variety of enchanted weapons and other items or potions offering strategic advantages such as for example Cures and spells to make use of against your enemies.

  • Dark Cloud

The last title of our listing of games similar to Kingdom Hearts is another Level-5 release that may be played on PS2. You play as Toan in this pick, a child who is on a mission to defeat a Dark Genie who has destroyed his hometown. To do this you’ll need to utilize a special magical item called Alta that may gradually restore the damaged town. Your quest will take you to explore dark dungeons and fight a variety of evil minions of the darkness to get the precious Alta. Something you’ll notice out here’s that the weapons that you fight with keep leveling up as time passes making it even more powerful than before. But you might have to be constantly aware of your health bar and need to help keep replenishing your thirst meter to stop your character from dying of dehydration. You may also get a group of five characters that may join you on your own conquest and is going to be of valuable support for you personally during fights.

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