Top Games like Kendall and Kylie

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Anyway, if you found yourself burning the midnight oil to play through this game for weeks on end, you may well be a little sick of it at this point. That’s perfectly understandable. If you’re buying new game that shares the exact same general vibe of Kendall and Kylie, you should be happy to know that this particular genre of app has blown up in recent years. There are lots of apps on the market for you yourself to pick from, and in this article, I’ll talk about some of the greatest apps like Kendall and Kylie.

  1. Katy Perry Pop

One of the biggest conditions that I hear individuals have with Kendall and Kylie’s gameplay is so it doesn’t make sense. It isn’t all that common for anyone to become massively famous overnight by completing random photo shoots and chilling out with other celebrities. In Katy Perry Pop, your created character’s rise to stardom is a tad bit more believable. With the aid of pop star Katy Perry, you’ll record different songs with the intention of becoming the next big thing. Since both Kendall and Kylie and Katy Perry Pop are made by the exact same developer, you are able to expect general mechanics and gameplay to be pretty much identical. The games look and feel very similar.

  1. MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet, in some recoverable format, appears like one of many greatest things in the world. Sounds super cool, right? Well, it’s, for probably the most part. In MovieStarPlanet, you create a character who walks around, makes movies, and plays mini-games to earn money. This money could be used on clothes and furniture. If you’ve ever played games like IMVU, it is a pretty similar idea. Since it is a multiplayer game, MovieStarPlanet doesn’t obviously have a tale like Kendall and Kylie does. However, I do believe its social mechanics have no problem looking at their own.

  1. Episode — Choose Your Story

One of the biggest draws of Kendall and Kylie could be the story, I think. It might seem vapid from time to time, but there’s something especially charming about being able to make many of these different choices and affect this larger-than-life story. If you take pleasure in choose your own adventure style narrative in Kendall and Kylie, then I do believe you’ll love Episode. In Episode, players have the capacity to pick from a wide variety of stories, and progress through them as they would like. (When I say wide variety, I truly mean it. From sci-fi to senior high school, most of the genres are there.) The game is mainly text-based, so I do believe it could be an appropriate comparison to express that Episode feels nearly the same as the Western exact carbon copy of visual novels.

  1. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Alright, so I do believe it probably could have made a lot of sense to put this game at the the surface of the list, but I believe that that would be a little cheap. For the uninitiated, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is simply Kendall and Kylie’s predecessor, which I alluded to in the beginning of the article. It released a couple of years ago, and it really shook things up in the app industry.

  1. Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

Remember when I discussed what sort of celebrity-centered Episode game is the perfect Kendall and Kylie game? As it turns out, that game completely exists. Demi Lovato: Road to Fame is pretty cool, because it takes the great narrative that you discover in Episode stories, and somehow causes it to be just as addictive as Kendall and Kylie. In this game, you play as a buddy of Demi Lovato, who rises to stardom by performing alongside her. I believe that performance is implemented in a type of cool way in this game, with some of Demi Lovato’s music actually playing throughout the performances. Whether this really is good or grating depends in your musical preferences, but I do believe it’s still a pretty cool touch either way.

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