Top Games Like Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Published by Eidos Interactive, this entrant in the roster was unveiled to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in August 2010. The sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men calls on all you could action enthusiasts to have 48 hours of hell with the notorious duo, Kane and Lynch. Rogues now resides in Shanghai is working for a British criminal called Glazer.

  1. Max Payne

Here’s a listing of games like Max Payne for all those thrill-seekers using a thirst for action. Smoking guns, daring heroes and plenty of nice weapons available – this is a melee you actually can’t miss out on. And just like the game around which this collection revolves, our 7 options zoom throughout the third-person action shooter genre too. So restore your schedule for a couple of thumb crunching play time after enduring this compilation of offerings you mustn’t miss out on –

  1. Alan Wake

This third-person shooter produced by Remedy Entertainment, forayed surrounding the PC and Xbox 360 after some duration ago. Alan Wake also features sprinkles of psychological horror elements besides just action and adventure themes. And since it’s been having to do with the brains behind the franchise you are using, to expect an engaging storyline and stunning action sequences.

  1. Mafia II

Just like the name aptly suggests, you are pulled throughout the unforgiving an entire world of the mafia. And as you can previously guessed, Mafia II involves all sun and rain you would normally find in their normal game. For instance a lot of gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and vehicular exploration. The storyline here is focused against a mid-20th century American backdrop.

  1. Stranglehold

Among the game that the majority resembles the Max Payne series is this amazing inclusion in the alternatives array. Get yourself into the shoes of Inspector Tequila, a personality that’s having to do with the renowned action film director, John Woo. Because of Tequila’s tussle with a crime boss, she must foray for the dark side and turn into a renegade cop. You’ll find loads of cinematic gun battles recommended here detailed with massive environmental damage and also stunt-laden gameplay elements.

  1. Dead to Rights: Retribution

Unleashed just 3 in years past, the Dead to Rights: Retribution is viewed since the reboot in the crime-action series called Dead to Rights. Here you reach take on the role of two playable characters namely, vice cop Jack Slate impressive canine pal named Shadow. Watch since the deadly duo uncovers a conspiracy that could destroy Grant City.

  1. Gears of War 3

This Xbox 360-exclusive game in the lineup is not a stranger for the third-person shooter genre. Gears of War took the globe by storm in 2011 is the middle installment in the Gears of War series. Should you dive into this treat, you are spoiled rotten using a thrilling cinematic story that tells the tale in the epic finale for the trilogy. You’ll get to rescue humanity and fight alongside the brave Delta Squad. Also, you may either go ahead solo or team on the top of 3 more pals cooperatively via the campaign mode on Xbox Live. A number of its additional features which have been roped in here read as horde mode, competitive multiplayer and stunning visuals.

  1. Hitman Absolution

Our final contender sees the famous, cold-blooded assassin called Agent 47 in action. The stealth game is the 5th iteration in the acclaimed Hitman series and was published just lately to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Vacation via the corrupt world since the protagonist embarks on a particular journey where he gets into search to the truth. Based on the developers, you would be bombarded using a cinematic storyline and classic gameplay elements and also brand spanking new features that bring a zing for the series.

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