Top Games like Just Cause 2

Searching for many cool games like Just Cause 2 where you are able to get to carry out deadly missions and gravity defying stunts? Well, then we have come out by having an entire list of the best alternate options for you yourself to play on your own gaming console. These few picks could have a thrilling mission to accomplish whenever you feel just like doing something wild, so go ahead and discrete the adventurous side in you by diving into them.

6 Games like Just Cause 2

  1. Far Cry 3

We have Far Cry 3 at the top of list of games much like Just Cause 2 since it features exactly the same open world concept as our main title in question. Here you may find your story unfolding on an island that will be seeming swarming with modern day pirates. You will need to develop a strong combat skill set if you want to survive on the pirate island of Rook. These skills comes into play handy if you are being hunted down by the fierce pirates that keep patrolling this island nation.

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

Ever considered playing as several character in a single game? Well, then this fifth area of the world famous GTA series will provide you with just that opportunity as you will get to manage the lives of three of the craziest protagonists that have ever been conceptualized by Rockstar Games. Once you begin playing Grand Theft Auto 5, you will get familiarized with all the unique traits and personalities of all the featured characters and their separate background stories.

  1. Saints Row IV

It’s not surprising as to the reasons we’ve mentioned Saint’s Row on our list of Just Cause 2 alternatives for you. If you have played the prior versions of the pick, you’ll agree totally that in the streets of Steelport crime does pay, and how. The developers from Volition have gone all out and lent your chosen Third Row Saints the ultimate leadership position by providing them with the post of Heads of State in this one. Nevertheless the party doesn’t last long as you will quickly discover your seat is threatened by a maniacal enemy who originates from a hostile alien race and calls himself Zinayak.

  1. Mafia II

How could we not mention the kings of crime on our list? We are obviously, talking about the infamous gang of thugs of Empire Bay. In this part, the developers from 2K Czech have gone all out to offer you a game title that has the best of violence incorporated engrossed, in order to give you some realistic drama and equally engaging gameplay.

  1. Sleeping Dogs

Have you ever wanted to visit the sparkling city of Hong Kong? Well, in this pick you could make part of the dream be realized because the developers from United Front Games have inked a splendid job with the design in this title. The other exciting part of this 1 is you will be playing the role of a cop who is beneath the guise of a notorious Triad member in order to infiltrate their gang and bring them to justice.

  1. Mass Effect 3

At the end of our list of games much like Just Cause 2 we’ve this third installment of Mass Effect that was released by BioWare for the Xbox, PS3 and Windows PC. This sci-fi themed pick could have you playing with some fascinating futuristic weapons and armory that you will be needing considering the very fact that you are up against a sinister race of powerful aliens which are not easy to put down.

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