Top Games Like Ingress

Before Pokémon Go came into existence, developer Niantic was already fashionable for Ingress, another augmented reality game that forces anyone to play outside and travel places, to complete certain quests. A game will make full use of your smartphone’s GPS to track every moment, and with the help of the in-game map, you can actually track and find reasons for mysterious energy.

  1. Landlord

Ever wanted as the Real Estate Tycoon? Well, here’s your chance. Landlord is a property trading game, which helps you to build your own private real estate investment empire from scratch. You’re going to be starting this online game with $50,000 in-game cash that can be used to purchase venues that you will visit and earn rent anyone check-in at those places in real-time with the help of Foursquare and Facebook. Additionally challenge buddies to compete against you and receive coins from each referral.

  1. Zombies, Run!

It is really an addictive running game where every run becomes a mission the location where the player would be the hero. There are tons of narrated story missions that you will be likely to enjoy. Throughout this online game, zombies will likely be chasing you, and you will want to carry on the pace and run from them. A game also helps you to decide what music you intend to play in the shadows, while listening to the story. You’re able to run under the beach or jog in the park or even just on treadmills, as long as you’re experiencing the game.

  1. Pokémon Go

There is no doubt regarding just how Pokémon Go is probably the most popular games of all time. Put together by Niantic, this online game took the internet by storm, moment it turned out made available to the population last July. Currently, the sum of downloads for any game has exceeded 700 million, that could be shocking and exceptional. In the game, players will probably have to look for imaginary creatures called Pokémon that spawns every which way locations through the globe.

  1. Geocaching

Let’s face it. At some point of time in people, every person were interested find treasure. Well, if you find yourself still interested, there’s a place based GPS game that you absolutely fall in love with. Geocaching can give you with the best treasure hunting experience with just without the aid of your smartphone. You’re going to be able to find and track geocaches that are generally at places worldwide, and take your fun-filled adventures to somewhat of a totally new level by playing with your friends.

  1. Turf Wars

Well, for those who tried to do that in solid life, you’d certainly fall into jail, that is certainly exactly why a based on this concept, is really so addictive and fun, especially while you act with the friends. They can be a massive multiplayer economic simulation game that gets addictive very fast. In Resources, you will want to scan through surroundings in the real world for resources, and find rich deposits aided by the in-game map. Players will be able to build mines to extract from these deposits, and in its place, process the resources into products. You’ll likewise be able to earn money and expand your mining operations, buildings and earn rank simply because progress throughout the game.

  1. Resources

Last on the list, we experience an outdoor multiplayer tower defense game that anyone can play and revel in with the friends. In Geoglyph, players will be able to open a session within the map and go outdoors, to go through paths to the origin of dangerous chaos entities and prevent them from attacking you by planting traps.

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