Top Games like Infinity Blade

Wondering what new games like Infinity Blade are available for you really to download from your apps store?Well, then we have a great selection of action-oriented picks arranged here for you really to try out. So if you are the huge fan of the action genre, then you definitely are going to be thinking about the next options given below.

  • Ark of Ages

This is actually the first one we have in our listing of games similar to Infinity Blade for you really to try. In this pick, you will soon be essentially playing as a brave warrior relentlessly battling your way to the very top of a system by cutting down any monsters that stand in your way. Nevertheless, the monsters are not the thing you’ll need to be worried about, as you will also need to face numerous forms of obstacles and other hindrances that’ll prevent you from reaching your objective. The gameplay in that one is just like any action-based game as you can simply swipe your screen in a rapid motion once you encounter an enemy. You’ll even have the choice to block the attacks of one’s foes which means that your character won’t lose from health.

  • Dragon Slayer

The following game on our list is brought to you by Glu, where you can get to fight with deadly dragons which can be ten times how big your character. Here you’re playing as among the bravest dragon slayers and reach fight a myriad of fierce looking dragons. You will be able to employ a vast array of magical abilities can instantly damage your beastly opponents till they drop dead. But because you are fighting these gigantic creatures, you are able to expect to get critically damaged by their massive strikes. Fortunately may also discover ways to block or dodge their attacks and counter-attack at the proper moments. As this pick is available free to play, it’s strongly recommended for all fans of our main title in question.

  • Blood & Glory: Legend

We cannot forget to include this other famous release by Glu on our list of Infinity Blade alternatives for you to play and enjoy. Because the name may suggest, in this 1 you will take part in a number of the bloodiest gladiator-style battles and strike down opponents twice your size in legendary take-downs. Your tools is a sword and shield that you have to use to fight enemies. Here you should adopt the skills of quick thinking and patience to attend for the correct moment to attack your foes. A carefully executed attack will prove advantageous as your enemy won’t know very well what hit him. Additionally, there are brand new battle arenas where you are able to fight in and also a long list of new moves and combo that will cripple the toughest of foes.

  • Bloodmasque

The fourth game on our list is Bloodmasque developed by Square Enix for your iPad or iPhone device. Among the key features of Bloodmasque is that you could have a picture of yourself and create a vampire hunter that looks the same as you. Then you’re able to make use of this avatar of yours in most of the missions in the overall game and fight with long distinct monstrous creatures and Vampires. This pick gives only a little sense of pride and accomplishment as you see your own character slashing up vicious Vampires and driving stakes through their chests to end their evil existence. Here to can get traverse the breath-taking city of Paris looking for the blood-sucking menace and destroy them with a useful pair of weapons and armory that you access at any point in time.

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow is another choice which we are able to include in our games just like Infinity Blade list, as in contains some identical features which will remind you of the Chair Entertainment creation. As an example, in this pick, you are likely to be facing some truly nightmarish creatures that you will have to cut down along with your sword or other weapons that you could equip your character with. The story will put you in the shoes of an individual who doesn’t have the recollection of how he finished up in a hospital that’s infested with a myriad of evil creatures. You will learn that you are being hunted by undead creatures who are minions of a powerful witch and you have to fight a huge army of these before you can attempt to kill her. Dark Meadow boasts about its good quality graphics and visual effects that will surely impress you and thanks would go to Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

  • Horn

And finally, we present the overall game titled Horn for you to play your Android device. Here your game could have you playing a personality by name of Horn, who one day wakes up to get his village converted into a playground of monsters. So now your quest to uncover the reality and free your villagers could have you fighting against some crazy looking monsters which will engage you in battle on sight. The developers of this 1 have spared no efforts to give you a game where you are able to use a selection of unique weapons to fight off your opponents such as a huge sword for close combat, a crossbow for ranged attacks and a musical horn that will have special uses for the character using parts of your gameplay. You will have even a sidekick to help you using difficult situations.

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