Top Games Like iAMFAM

There is a 2D flash version of this game in addition to 3D iOS and Android treats for people who prefer to play while on the go. Here you’re called on to setup your household and keep your virtual kin happy. Throughout your stay here, you can send eGifts to friends, take part in fun mini-games and even accomplish certain goals that are put forth. You’ll be able to grab the portable versions of the title totally free of cost from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

  1. Virtual Families

Games like Virtual Families allow you to take control over different categories of people and situations. You’ll be able to play through engaging scenarios where your decisions can impact your varied members either in an optimistic or negative way. The following addictive simulation titles let you experience a new sort of family life that’ll definitely come out to become more quirky than your real kin. Watch how the small people in your PC or portable gadget behave according to the situations you put them in. Every single day is really a new adventure. Now, all of them might not be the same as the overall game in the spotlight here but they’ll surely tug at the heartstrings of people who love playing simulation titles the same as Virtual Families.

  1. The Sims

We kick-start our compilation with a diamond that’s been winning hearts all around the globe with its fun gameplay options. And in the event that you enjoy indulging in virtual life simulation situations, you may already be familiar with this one. However for people who aren’t, here is a little gist of what you can expect to locate here. The engaging franchise unfurled across the gaming terrain more than a decade ago and created a term for itself with various iterations and expansion packs such as World Adventures, Late Night, Generations and Pets.

  1. Virtual Villagers

Would you crave for the quite life, somewhere far from the city? Well, what about caring and nurturing for a tribe of little people that are stranded on a mystical island? You should have to see to the individuals’housing and food needs in addition to get associated with curing diseases and developing technologies. Watch as your tiny rural area prospers under your care and guidance. This entrant within our games much like Virtual Families roster enables you to customize the villagers, take part in unique island events and uncover new mysteries.

  1. My Tribe

There is another game with social, building, and interaction components, enabling you to communicate with others, build shelters, communicate non-player characters, and enjoy its cool stuff. The PC title enables you to create a smart tribe whose inhabitants have their own personalities. And whilst you’re away from your computer, the indigenous can be smarter and even start families of their own.

  1. The Movies

This final contender within our games much like Virtual Families roundup takes you to Tinserltown where you can choose to sit in the director’s helm and call the shots or become a film mogul. You might even take on the role of a talent spotter or perhaps a script writer. You’ll be able to live the Hollywood dream and churn out a complete string of box office hits in the event that you wish. What’s more, you will also have the ability to choose random in-game individuals and make them become the hottest celebrities on the block. Can be your actress too old for the romantic lead in your following film? Well, simply send her in for plastic surgery or to a fat farm. You have the energy to produce anything from low budget flicks to epic titles. Will the new-found fame get the better of one’s actors? Can you ensure it is big in the unpredictable world of show business? Why don’t you will find out by acquiring a copy of this business simulation?

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