Top Games Like Hearts of Iron

Games like Hearts of Iron are complex strategy games that place you in control of a nation as you progress through specific periods in history. They could place you in harsh times of World War II, or give you back time when the Roman Empire was at its peak. Not only do these kinds of games give you into historical settings, some games may even give you into amazing, unique worlds filled up with a varied pair of races and exciting battles.

Hearts of Iron sends you back in probably the most brutal period in history: World War II. In this period, Hearts of Iron enables you to take control of any country as war rages on all fronts. You are able to elect to side with one of many three great alliances: the Allies, the Axis, and the Communist International. Or you can stay neutral and participate in diplomacy while preparing your military for defense and strategic maneuvers.


Explore a vast galaxy and forge an empire. Featuring many different alien races and with rich strategic depth, Stellaris offers numerous paths to victory as befitting a game title from the creators of Europa Universalis. Venture into a detailed galaxy, design your ships, colonize space.

Empire: Total War

Conquer the entire world as you wage war on sea and land in the 18th century. Empire: Total War delivers stunning 3D naval battles and a fresh graphics engine which allows detailed landscapes, dynamic weather and more. Improved UI and new systems for diplomacy, trade, and espionage make Empire: Total War a suitable entry in the franchise.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

The Civilization series is one that numerous people remember fondly since it is one of much oldest computerized game series that is expanded to the day. In the newest iteration, Civilization VI, you select to play one of the numerous different civilizations, both ancient and long-gone to nations that also live today and battle across the world for dominance.

Europa Universalis III

Guide among 250 nations to victory over 300 years of detailed and accurate history. Decide the shape of your government, mold society to your wish, employ historical personalities such as for instance Newton, Mozart, or Descartes. Colonize remote lands.

Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War sends you back again to huge, visceral real-time battles as you participate in Crusades and conquer territories across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and even America. Conquer the lands with over 40 new features, a greater interface and better accessibility in the 4th entry of the Total War franchise.

Total War: ATTILA

Control the large territories of the prosperous Western Roman Empire as you strive to survive from the dangerous force marching their solution to Rome. Total War: Attila introduces better mechanics, great atmospheric battles and the newest raze mechanic that lets you completely erase entire cities from the campaign world.

Crusader Kings II

Lead your dynasty through one of the most turbulent periods of history in Europe. Survive the Black Death, religious warfare, treacherous vassals, and the Mongols. Manage a court of intelligent AI, courtiers, vassals, agents, and nobles, each with their particular plots and agendas.

Europa Universalis IV

Lead a nation to become a global empire during age colonialism. Use trade, diplomacy, exploration, economics, and warfare to your advantage in this deep strategic game. Create your personal history in a richly detailed word or mod it to your heart’s content.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III

Lead your civilization from humble tribal beginnings to a superpower in this classic entry in Sid Meier’s franchise. Excel in science, economics, culture, or warfare, in your bid to make certain your dominance on the entire world stage.

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