Top Games Like Harvest Moon

If you are in search of some really good games like Harvest Moon, you should truly check out the list below. This list provides with some of the best and equally entertaining titles which are similar to Harvest Moon based on the gameplay, mechanics, and stories.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley might be one of the best games like Harvest Moon you’ll ever play. It draws huge inspiration from Harvest Moon and supplies a similar gameplay with new and improved mechanics. With all the current beautiful themes, much different contents and the amazing characters, Stardew Valley lets you have your own personal piece of land. It’s a plan given to you by your grandfather hoping of you to convert it into a beautiful farm. Your task is always to clear it out of all the weeds, bushes, boulders and plant crops, raise and breed livestock, to generate the revenue. An incredible feature of Stardew Valley is that the time in the game passes as in the true life.

Rune Factory 4

Most of the hardcore Farming, Simulation, and RPG fans world be knowledgeable about Rune Factory series by Neverland Co., Ltd. Rune Factory 4 is their latest undertake the Farming and Simulation genre of RPG mechanics. It is a Nintendo 3DS specific title that resembles the Harvest Moon a lot. Rune Factory 4 offers an overhaul for your Rune Factory series and keeps the standards of the last games. From an improved marriage system to player’s control over a bigger farm and town, Rune Factory 4 supplies a variety in the gameplay. It follows a similar story and mechanics formula as the last games in the series. Following the attack, losing your memory and getting thrown off the airship, you land in the town of Selphia.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 takes the Farming Simulation genre to an innovative way of its versatility and advancement in core elements. The game offers an inspiring gameplay just like the Harvest Moon series games. The gameplay and visuals of Shepherd’s Crossing 2 draw heavy inspiration from the Anime thematic and are unique in a wide variety of ways. With a Sandbox Open World environment and a lot of room for the gameplay, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is really a very rewarding title. However, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 does not have any special story but it’s packed up with an extraordinary exploration-based experience.  It follows the typical Farming Simulation formula and enables you to complete the task of managing your own personal Farm.

Farm for your Life

If you adore Farming Simulation with Indie features, Farm for your Life would definitely be considered a good choice. This remarkable game offers a combination of multiple well-embedded elements. These elements include Zombies, Farming, Management, Tower Defense, and Simulation. Farm for your Life is based upon an attractive story that encourages you to survive and thrive at the same time. In line with the story, a robust thunderstorm rocks your town and unleashes huge numbers of Zombies. Most of the infrastructure collapses and the game tasks you and a small number of other survivors to rebuild from scratch. This means you have to create buildings, defense Towers, and farms to provide for your survival. Growing crops on your farm, raising pets and livestock will be the crucial elements of the game. These are your only sources for survival and help in keeping your restaurant running. The restaurant grows as your farm grows.

Animal Crossing: New Lea

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is originally a Life and Social Simulation. It incorporates Building Management and Farming elements in the gameplay beautifully. The game sets you up in the role of Mayor and assigns you the task of managing a town of Anthropomorphic Animals. Exploration, interaction with the townsfolk, participating in several activities such as for example Fishing, Bug catching, farming, etc. will be the core element of the gameplay. The innovative way of the Customization options takes the game to whole new level. This allows you to customize your character, furniture, and your living space in the game. Furthermore, it also allows you to customize the town according to your likeness.

The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook

The game takes the Farming and Social gaming element to a complete all the levels. The game supplies a Visual Novel style and enables you to like a Dialogue-based gameplay. The story of The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook revolves around the smoothness of Steve, a College Student. Steve breaks up along with his long-time girlfriend and his father sends him to his uncle’s Farm. As Steve, your task is always to take care of your uncle’s Farm, raise crops, livestock, and like a villager’s life. The social and Romance element of the game lets you receive into relations with any of the four available girls. The choice-based play helps you out reaching down seriously to any of the possible game endings.


Miramagia combines Farming Simulation aspects by having a Magical Game world and features an enchanted gameplay. It’s a browser-based marvel from bestselling Travian developers. The gameplay permits you to select from four classes of characters in the start. These character classes include Mages, Shamans, Sorcerers, and Druids. Just about every character class possesses his own special talents, abilities and both men and women genders. You will be absolve to select several class and gender type and learn to try out via a brief tutorial. After you have learned enough, start checking magical n entire world of Miramagia. Get ready to experience three gameplay types while in the game. One permits you to enjoy Farming, one aids you pet various strain of Dragons and the other one lets buy your magical powers to develop crops.

Wild Season

Wild Season is actually a Harvest Moon inspired title with Life Simulation and RPG aesthetic. The gameplay offers a similar gameplay to the individual in Harvest Moon and spices it with a powerful backstory. Depending on the storyline, Wild Season features the character of a male/female character that uses a break from your hectic city life and travels into his Farm. There, he climbs into the action of a Farmer whose task is to completely clean up the home of logs, bushes, boulders. Should the farm is clear, you’ll be able to manage the farmer, and employ a number of different tools to sow and reap the land. Besides farming, Wild Season permits you to get engaged in plenty of other considerations as well.

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