Top Games Like H1Z1

H1Z1 was previously a full game that had both a survival element where you looted and tried to track down other players and kill them and a casino game that had battlegrounds feature where you and 100 other players spawned into a giant map and were tasked with looting gear to kill one other remaining players. Both areas of the overall game did relatively well, but the battlegrounds feature is what most players sought after. The overall game is zombie themed and used to have zombies on the planet that will chase you around. The overall game had a difficult start due to most of the issues it’d when it launched, and the seemingly insufficient care for the overall game for the developers. The overall game then split into two different games that branched those two features into two separate games. The battleground game is far very popular and sees a huge amount of daily users on Steam.

Top 5 Games Like H1Z1 in 2017 – Recent Updates


DayZ is an open world survival game that is developed by Bohemia Interactive. Originally a mod, DayZ was a massive success because of its battleground features and open world survival gameplay. Players could roam all over the world collecting loot in the hopes of finding other players to fight and kill. The overall game has zombies which can be coming when you, the same as in H1Z1, and was a massive success when the overall game was released.

7 Days to Die

Just like H1Z1, 7 Days to Die is an open world survival horror game. The overall game is defined after having a nuclear holocaust and takes invest a fictional city in a desert kind of area. The overall game forces the gamer to survive and find food, water, shelter, and weaponry to defend themselves. This really is more just like the survival aspect of H1Z1, since there is not only a battlegrounds kind of arena for players to participate in. The overall game includes a relatively decent player base, when you hop on to a crowded server, you’ll most likely find other players.

Dead By Daylight

It is a very unique survival horror game by Behavior Interactive. The overall game is just a very unique game that players will find to become more just like the multiplayer battleground style from H1Z1. The overall game focuses on four survivors that are on the run from a killer. The overall game is completely multiplayer, which means you is going to be paired with 3 other survivors, and be put against a killer. Players get to choose which position they’d want to take, whether it function as killer or the survivors.


Rust is an online multiplayer survival game. This game is totally amazing due to how competitive it gets online. Players can either play official servers or private servers, the difference being that private servers reset once a week or have more players, whereas the official servers never reset and run continuously. The basic premise of the overall game is easy, you look at a server and must gather resources to create a base. After you have a platform, you can continue to grow in size and try to take down other player’s bases.

Playersunknown’s Battlegrounds

A brand new online survival game, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is just a huge open world battle royal type of game. The overall game is exactly like the favorite version of H1Z1 in the sense that players start out with practically nothing and drop into an area in the hopes of gathering resources and taking down one other player. The overall game enables you to play solo, or with friends varying in size to use and take that number one spot. Players should loot houses, find vehicles, and find advantageous positions to take down others on the server.

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