Top Games like GTA online

You can find so many games like GTA online that you play.So if you’re a hard-core fan of these open world themed titles, then we have the absolute best ones listed out here for you really to have a look at. Some the below-mentioned game also enables you to play co-operatively as well as other players just as our main title, to help you call friends and family to take part in all of the action-packed missions or contend with other players for the coveted top spot.

  • Sleeping Dogs

At ab muscles beginning of our set of games similar to GTA online, we have kept this Hong-Kong themed pick titled Sleeping Dogs. This pick lets you play as both cop and the criminal as your character goes deep undercover into the crime world of the Triad organization. So playing as a Triad member you will be involved in certain truly violent crimes that involve hacking your enemies to death with a meat cleaver and through the utilization of your personal kung-fu and fighting techniques skills.

  • Saint Row 4

The fourth version of the sensational Volition release called Saints Row is the following option that we have for you. Get ready to participate your beloved Saints since the party in the White Crib following the election of the Boss since the President. Nevertheless, the developers have given a unique twist in this version by introducing a different type of enemy. Your major nemesis in this 1 is the best choice of an unfamiliar race and calls himself Vinayak.

  • Just Cause 2

Our third option on this number of GTA online alternatives is Just Cause 2. Here you are playing as the special agent who is delivered to the island of Panau to place a finish to the rule of its dictatorship leader. To take action, you should entire training and skills especially in the utilization of your two main types of equipment i.e. the parachute and grappling hook.

  • Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is another famous release of Rockstar Games which gives you a vintage western scenario to play in. so the only vehicles you are able to expect to drive out will vary species of Horses. The developers have maintained the Wild West theme by introducing a unique honor feature where your character will soon be positive moral points once and for all behavior and negative ones for bad.

  • Far Cry 3

If you should be looking for free roam game with increased aspects of violence and insane gameplay, then Far Cry 3 has become the best choice for you. The vast open world scenario that can be obtained out here is the other reason we have introduced it on or set of games similar to GTA online for you really to try out. The problem in this 1 will place you in the midst of a chaotic island of Rook where the scenic beaches mask all of the terrors that lurk within it.

  • Mafia 2

We are able to end our roster with this specific 2K Games release. This pick will basically show you how crimes were committed in the golden era America’s history. Since the backdrop of this game is based mostly on the 40’s you will get to witness the rise of organized crime in the thriving city of Empire Bay.

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