Top Games like Grand Chase

There are some games like Grand Chase which come in the group of MMORPG. Most of these games are extremely entertaining not only because of the role-playing elements but additionally because of the action-packed fun that they contain. The action we are speaking frankly about comes from the vast variety of monsters that you’ve to fight against if you occupy a quest. A lot of them also feature plenty of different classes of fighters that you simply have to decide on from. Only after making your decision do you want to have the ability to start playing. Several of those games permit you to create several character classes in a single account, thus giving you a chance to experiment with another class which can be offered rather than just sticking to 1 class.

Soul Saver Online

The initial option that individuals have for you is Soul Saver Online because it gives you many cool classes to select from that’s Novice, Magic User, Assassin, Fencer, Archer, and Fighter. Once you have created a personality, you are able to jump right into the battle and start fighting monsters. While the story goes, you will soon be playing as a Soul Saver by hunting down all the demonic souls that you will find on the planet of Pandemonium.

Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story allows you to select from the three classes of warriors which can be available, namely the Swordsman, Elementalist, and Hunter. Each one of these character classes includes their very own weapons and other equipment you will be using through your journey. There’s very little to the story out here. You’re basically playing as among the aforementioned warriors and fighting all the evil creatures that plague the land of Lunaria. These creatures may be encountered while completing a quest.


Flyff is focused on killing monsters and other beasts. But a good thing relating to this game is that your character will start flying after you progress to level twenty. In the beginning, your character starts at level one, but you are able to slowly increase it. And this is possible only by fighting different levels of monsters which can be seen all over the place.


The following one we are able to mention with this listing of Grand Chase alternatives is Maplestory. The story tells of an evil Black Mage that has caused plenty of destruction in the land. After being defeated by several heroes, he threatens to return.

Elsword Online

Elsword Online can also think about it our list because it is another one particular popular adventure games with several role-playing elements. This pick gives you an overwhelming quantity of classes and characters to select from after which your destiny awaits you. This game includes a manga comic-inspired storyline that’ll get you on a grand adventure to face giant monsters and foil the plans of evil boss characters. You will soon be playing as any among the main characters of the ‘El Search Party,’ who is on a mission to recuperate a stolen El Stone which possesses powerful properties. And they will fight anybody who gets inside their way.


LaTale is another amazing title which we are able to add to our collection. This one takes one to the mysterious Kingdom of Elias where your character is really a hero looking for the missing girl named Iris Riviere. And your story will unfold as you play. You will find six classes which can be featured here, namely Warrior, Knight, Soul Breaker, Explorer, Wizard, and Engineer. Each one of these classes includes a separate sub-class.

Dragon Saga

The final one on our listing of games much like Grand Chase is Dragon Saga, which also contains side-scrolling mechanics. It has another great plot that you simply must follow as you keep playing. It discusses a robust evil dragon by name of Elga who is on a mission to get rid of every one of mankind. So now it’s up to a group of fearless heroes to avoid him.

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