Top Games like GirlSense – Best Games for Girls So Far

There are a few pretty fun games like GirlSense available for you really to play online. But since the website has shut down, you might be looking for some better options to use out. So, if you are having any trouble finding them, we’ve gathered together a couple of good ones and mentioned them below on our list. These few are even liberated to play, in the same way our main title under consideration was.


If you say dress up games similar to GirlSense, then you might probably check out Stardoll. Here you may get to select an on the web doll of your choice and dress it down with an assortment of clothing and accessories to give it a truly relaxed look. For example, if you select a man doll, then the items you get are likely to be shirts, pants, vests, masculine eye-wear, jackets, etc.

So basically, you can give your fashion sense a good work out by selecting which clothes will appear right on a particular man or woman model. You can also get an opportunity to style the stars by choosing various popular celebrity dolls available in the selection. There’s also some international singers and music artists who are featured as dolls out here, and you may even choose to style their look if you prefer to. Check out all the planet celebrity dolls that you can dress up every single day and have fun.

Shopaholic London

Another one we can recommend for you is Shopaholic London. As the title may indicate, here you will undoubtedly be playing the role of a young shopaholic in the fashionable city of London. Being a party lover, your job now is to hunt to discover the best dresses to be able to get noticed at all of the parties that you attend. In the party invites you to obtain, the theme of the party will also be mentioned. Your primary aim is to look for the most recent clothes keeping the theme in mind.

When you get the best look for the party, you can visit your closet and wear the outfits you purchase. Once ready, you can review the party and get noticed by the crowd out there. As soon as your fashion attire attracts attention, you’ll level up and get rewarded with cash to take the following shopping spree and even unlock several new clothing outlets.

Girls Go Fashion Party

The 3rd option on our list of GirlSense alternatives is Girl Go Fashion Party. In this pick, you will have to use your quick thinking and time management skills to organize for parties in only a couple of minutes. The overall game is focused on finding the right items you will need to collect for the party by trying to see them in various rooms of the given apartment.

As you have to prepare three girls for the party, you will need to move quickly to have all of them ready. Once you flourish in finding almost all their missing items, the next phase is to dress them up in various stylish dresses and manage to get their make-up done to give them a fabulous party look. Then it’s off to the party. The exciting feature out here’s that the overall game will have you waiting for 24 hours later to organize for the following party.

Oh My Dollz

Oh, My Dollz is an additional decorate form of the game that you can check out online for free. Here you will get to create an entirely different way of avatar for yourself. This avatar will undoubtedly be in the form of an electronic doll, which you can customize completely, beginning with the hair, to along with eyes and more.

When you subscribe to that one, you’ll even get your house, which you can decorate to fix an ideal setting. Plenty of other activities may also be done out here, namely taking part in fashion events, making new friends with the 1000s of other Oh My Dollz players, dressing you doll avatar to your heart’s quite happy with a designer assortment of clothes, and even playing out your flirtatious side around guys.

I Dress Up

I Dress Up is another well-known option we’ve entered into our list of games, much like GirlSense for you to check out. This page offers you an accumulation of some of the very best dressing forms of games you have been trying to find online. At first of any of the games, you will get a doll model you will need to style.

All you have to complete is select the best type mix of dresses, shoes, hairstyles, jewelry, handbags, and more to create your doll look fabulous. After you’re satisfied with the design you have found of your doll, you have a chance of entering it into a fashion battle with dolls stylized other players. The greater design and style will undoubtedly be determined through which doll gets the most votes.

Style Me Girl

The past game on our list is Style Me Girl, which is available to download for free on your Android device. The gameplay is the same out here, but the only difference is your models are portrayed in 3D style to give them a more life-like feel. You can choose your model’s skin tone, eye color, hair color, and so on. Not to mention the forms of clothes that she’ll wear.

The developers with this pick have added a glamorous photo-shoot element to that one by enabling you to send your models on shoots to capture the sexiest photos of these to earn lots of cash and other rewards. You can select from an accumulation of many different styles, ranging from formal to casual, and get the very best look for your models.

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