Top Games Like Galaga

Before modern games like Halo or Call of Duty, those who considered themselves gamers played what we now consider old school games. These games weren’t on super powerful consoles or upgraded PCs—no, these games were in places called arcades. Games like Pac-Man and space invaders were the games you showed your gaming prowess along with a name released by Namco called Galaga. This amazing game was, for the time, flashy and a lot of fun as players blasted the heck out of small alien ships to rack up points and hopefully put their names on the high-score listings till someone tried to dethrone them.

Similar Games to Galaga

Space Invaders

So before Galaga, there were many pre-shmup titles. It required the players to survive wave after the massive wave of enemy creatures to gain some points. One of those titles happened to be Space Invaders. Players took control of a human tank like object that shot lasers. The target of the game was to avoid alien forces from achieving the bottom of the screen—meaning you’d better be ready to shoot fast and frantically.


Set in an exceedingly remote future, humanity is reaching galaxies remote to find habitable worlds and landscapes. Trent Hawkins just so is actually some of those in charge of finding such worlds when he finds himself in a significant bind. Trent’s friend is killed but together with his dying breath, he warns Trent that the organization is aiming to kill Trent while they know a lot of in regards to a mineral. Trent doesn’t delay and heads off to flee the planet with a fighter ship he happens to find. However, if Trent really wants to survive he’ll be forced to fight back against an armada of enemies.


Tenro Horai gained god-like powers when he discovered an old hidden power that has caused a slew of unstoppable events. Tenro used his power to start overpowering various lands and nations seemingly unopposed. A person called Shinra alongside his team fight Tenro’s increasing army but find themselves nearly wiped out. Luckily Shinra survives however when he’s shot down again, he finds himself on a tiny island named Ikaruga. Feeling as Shinra is worthy, the island inhabitants give him their legendary ship named Ikaruga to hopefully defeat Tenro.

Gradius III

The Vic Viper returns in Gradius III and it’s willing to once more do battle against the Bacterion Empire. Players will control the little—but powerful—starship while they face a constant myriad of enemies. Thankfully the Vic Viper is really a powerful ship and players will depend on once more finding various power-ups thrown around the levels. With a strong soundtrack, improved graphics, and a hardcore difficulty, players will once more feel willing to jump into this entry of the Gradius franchise. Now go forth pilot and defeat the enemies that stand when you along with your powerful ship!

Radiant Silvergun

When a peculiar artifact appears on Earth, Chief Igarashi orders it to be examined. However, it isn’t a long time before the object goes wild and unleashes destruction. Buster, Reana, and Guy are three pilots who use the new spaceship type called Silvergun and find their skills to be needed now significantly more than ever. What secrets does this artifact have? So how exactly does it connect with the Silvergun planes? These questions and more will undoubtedly be answered in Radiant Silvergun.


Games Like Galaga list ends with us taking a look at the PlayStation exclusive game Resogun. Players take on three ships while they rescue humans who have been trapped in prisons in a round world. Players must shoot and plow through wave after wave of various enemy ships till eventually achieving the end stage’s boss enemy. With 5 different planets and multiple difficulty levels, Resogun has some longevity to it even after the final level is completed. Plus with multiple game modes like arcade mode and the capacity to play online with a friend, there’s a lot to love because of developer Housemarque.

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