Top Games Like Freelancer

Listed here are 6 cool games like Freelancer which will have you traversing the infinite expanses of space. The options listed out here bring forth intergalactic fun in a variety of forms. They are all drenched in the exact same genre that’s found infused within the title in question. Space simulators have always intrigued players using its interesting elements, awesome celestial graphics and cosmic sounds. And here is the cream of the crop. So fasten your seat-belts, put in your helmet, start your engines and prepare yourself to set about a fantastic voyage.

  1. Wing Commander Arena

This space combat delight unleashed its fury over the Xbox 360 console via the XBLA almost half ten years ago. Developed by Gaia Industries and published by EA, this Wing Commander iteration beams you to the year 2701 where you can build a squad of your own and annihilate any foes that can come in your way. What’s more, the destruction you leave in your wake can help you climb the online leader-boards.

  1. X3: Reunion

Noted to function as sequel to X2: The Threat, this entrant within our games just like Freelancer roster brings to the forefront new ships, an exciting storyline and impressive gameplay elements. It also contains a more complex AL system along with an ever evolving universe where your actions directly affect the outcome of the cataclysmic events that transpire here. You can also expect to see a plethora of attributes and missions embedded to the X3 2.0: Bala Gi Research Missions segment. Increasing the fun are 2 new sectors and a massive Player HQ where you will have a way to construct your personal ships and splash them with customized space paint finishes. The developer has also thrown in new weapons and formidable ship devices.

  1. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

This enticing title is packed to the hilt with all the ingredients which are needed to stop you engrossed all day on end. Some of those delights include 3D graphics, a compelling storyline, rich sound bites and sci-fi bliss. Here you step to the shoes of an intergalactic adventurer known as Keith T. Maxwell. Because of hyper-drive error, he’s flung 35 years to the future. When he finally awakens, he’s attacked by a mysterious alien armada.

  1. Evochron Mercenary

This inclusion within our Freelancer alternatives array allows you to race against the best pilots, trade commodities, negotiate for your lifetime, mine for precious materials and even lend your talents as a spy to a curious energy company. By glancing at all these activities, you must’ve already figured out that you will be accepting the role of an independent mercenary. While the developer reveals, you can either sign on contract bases or go in solo, making use of your own discretion along the way.

  1. DarkStar One

Fans of space trading and combat simulator themes will surely wish to sink their teeth into this one. The Ascaron Entertainment brainchild jumps onto the scene boasting of a vast universe that’s full of a gripping storyline, stunning graphics, lots of enemies and a ship upgrade system.

  1. FTL: Faster Than Light

This real-time strategy title within our games just like Freelancer roundup is manufactured by Subset Games and released just last year for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X PCs. Here you’re tasked with commanding a ship of your own as you strive to save the galaxy. You should successfully tackle all the unique challenges which are thrown your path during your galactic escapades. The spaceship simulation rogue-like gem also enables you to upgrade your ship and even unlock new vehicles with the aid of half a dozen alien races. And although this could look like any ordinary space endeavor, we must warn you that there are no second chances offered here.

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