Top Games Like Free Realms – Best MMORPG Games So Far

Once you step into these confines, you will end up able to defend me against the guise of charismatic heroes that you could create from scratch, and roam across wonderful terrains fighting evil.

And when you’re not punching baddies, you can take part in different engaging activities, go searching for fantastic treasures, decorate your own space and even chat with friends and newfound pals. All of the names listed below fall into the MMORPG category. And to the delight of many enthusiasts, a lot of them are set across an illusion backdrop.

6 Games Like Free Realms


This free-to-play, browser-based delight is noted to be always a 3D fantasy MMORPG that’s drenched in a delectable medieval flavor. Yes, you can be prepared to step right into a world that involves brave knights, wizards, magic, dragons, epic quests, and other items synonymous with this particular era.

Travel to the world of Giuliano that will be split into several regions, kingdoms, and cities, and embark on an exciting adventure with other players situated throughout the globe.

Wizard 101

Have you been an enormous fan of spells, wands, schools of magic, and such? Well, you’ll be able to soak in all this and tons more whenever you explore deeper into this exciting entrant inside our games, similar to the Free Realms roster.

The brains behind this endeavor invite all you wizard enthusiasts to step into Ravenswood Academy, collect magic cards, fight monsters, learn spells and save Wizard City from the bad guys.


Ever wanted to be always a cartoon character so that you can indulge in the funny antics of such as, for instance, hurling cream pies at someone or blasting removed from a cannon? Well, here’s your chance to create your quirky character, paint them in hilarious hues, and provide them with names to fit their personality.

And what’s a casino game without the current presence of some arch archenemies? Here the evildoers are robots called Cogs who are out to suck the fun from the animated world. You can fend off these goons by fighting them with gags.


Have you been brave enough to step into another fantasy-based world filled to the brim with baddies? Well, this engaging inclusion inside our Free Realms alternatives array takes you to the world of Isya, where you can complete missions, take part in epic Kingdom Quests and search for fierce monsters. You will find five different classes to pick from fighter, cleric, archer, Mage, and joker.

Last Chaos

Here you get to choose whether you want to fight for the nice guys and stay true to Apollon or head down another path that entails joining Eres’ ranks, which boasts personal glory. You can accept any class – sorcerer, rogue, titan, knight, mage, or healer. What’s more, each faction has its unique abilities and powers.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Can’t get enough of Toon kind? Well, how about indulging in another round of toony with the mention of the exciting contender inside our games similar to Free Realms roundup?

Kids can step right into a vast terrain packed to the hilt with exciting missions, platforming challenges, and tons of fun puzzles. Here you can make up to 4 characters by choosing names for the onscreen avatars and selecting other aspects too, such as gender, hairstyle, expression, eye color, and skin.

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