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We’ve gathered for you personally these games like Flyff which we think should definitely satisfy your cravings for some fantasy MMO fun. Developed by Korean studio Gala Lab, Fly for Fun is an incredibly popular offering worldwide. Owing to its irresistible gameplay it’s managed to create its presence felt in over thirteen different countries in ten languages. Moreover, this game has reportedly been played by over 30 million people till date. Those are extremely big numbers in the event that you ask us. Since its release in 2005, this fantasy MMORPG has been delighting fans using its brilliant offerings time and again.

Versatile party-based combat, PvP and far more form the main whole Fly for the Fun experience. And as soon as you reach level 20 you can roam around in its world by flying. What’s more; this game is liberated to play.All that’s needed to get started with it’s creating an account. But for those who are a type of finished with it and are seeking other identical titles we’ve prepped up this awesome new list. The games listed in the room below have already been handpicked by us based solely on the amazing offerings. So relax and find out about them to decide which among these will be your next game.

  • Runes of Magic

Built with ten different character classes, Runes of Magic shines in all facets it treads on. This MMORPG can be downloaded on your own PCs for free, but it will feature real cash transactions. It’s many similarities with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, but a few of its original elements set it apart in a large way. Prime those types of is its ‘multi-class attribute which lets you choose around three classes after reaching certain levels. Moreover, the darling of MMORPG fans, PvP combat exists within the overall game as well. Produced by Runewaker Entertainment, Runes of Magic was initially released back in 2009 but has evolved through the years into a straight better offering than ever before.

  • Eden Eternal

Its incredibly attractive anime style isn’t the only thing which makes Eden Eternal this kind of awesome experience. This title impresses equally using its gameplay as well. Enabling you to play as a number of unlockable classes, Eden Eternal possesses the capability to let you freely swap between them. It’s a complete experience for any MMORPG fan as a result of its inclusion of dungeon crawling, boss fights, guilds along with PvP combat. This entry to our compilation of games just like Flyff is created upon a main-stream story of the gamer character awakening with no memory of their past.

  • Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia features a huge user base all over the world, and its amazing offerings will be the prime basis for this. It’s set on a sizable detailed world and features a branching class system, a number of different mounts, PvP combat, team-based battlefields, challenging dungeons, epic boss fights and much more. Grand Fantasia has been blessed with anime-inspired 3D graphics that make it much more engrossing. Character customization also plays a large part in making this game this type of wonderful experience. Certainly one of its features is that you can have a Sprite Companion travel along with you to help you harvest raw materials and even craft weapons and armor. Besides this, Grand Fantasia also kicks in auction houses, a player romance system, robust guild management, in-game bulletin boards and communication tools.

  • Elsword Online

The initial part concerning this Flyff alternative is the truth that it’s built-in a 2.5-dimensional fashion and so it takes devote a side-scrolling world. Built with real-time action-based gameplay, it gives you both player vs. environment and player vs. player modes. This superb MMORPG supplies a pretty skill-based experience. Its combination of role-playing elements and features like guilds, chat and item trading ensure it is a feast to jump into. Produced by KOG Studios, this PC offers also kicks in an extraordinary story which reaches the backgrounds of its character classes.

  • Fiesta Online

The mystical world of Fiesta Online could keep calling you back into it, again and again, thanks to its amazingly impressive graphics. It features five classes and gameplay that will not rocket science to master. But most importantly, Fiesta Online comes with an excellent array of quests for you really to embark on. These diverse missions will stop you occupied all day on the trot. Produced by Ons On Soft and released in 2007, this game even lets you form guilds and fight alongside other players. Another interesting addition to the title is its marriage feature which lets you wed someone and live in your own house.

  • Aura Kingdom

Our last entry to the set of games just like Flyff is noted for its combination of action-based and traditional combat. Also called Fantasy Frontier Online, this free to play offering happens to be in open beta mode. Its class system is a diverse one as well, allowing you to customize a sizable number of different characters to match your tastes. Aura Kingdom contains an interesting system in the shape of Eidolons. They are basically advanced pets that fight alongside you as well as embark on errands. Moreover, you can even utilize them as mounts. This wonderful game definitely deserves to be played by those trying to find free MMORPGs out there.

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