Top Games Like Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light is a good game that is in the real-time strategy and shooting simulation game. This game is becoming so popular through the entire years that there were many games like Faster Than Light that have been developed by many different game companies. When you have not found out about Faster Than Light before, it is really a game where you control a spaceship and the crew. The spaceship is capable of being faster than light, hence the title of the game. The spaceship is essential in this game because it is how the player is certain to get serious information to a fleet of spaceships which are the player allies. You’re being chased by a fleet of rebel spaceships too, so you will need to get your spaceship safety to the allied fleets to deliver that critical information.

Best Games like Faster Than Light in 2017

No Man’s Sky

As it pertains to games like Faster Than Light, No Man’s Sky is one of the finest choices available because it resembles Faster Than Light. No Man’s Sky is an adventure game along with a success, and sci-fi action game developed by Hello Games. This is a good game because it is an open universe where you can find over 18 quintillion planets if imaginable that.

Vega Conflict

Vega Conflict can be one of the finest games like Faster Than Light available. This is an MMO and RTS game, which will be also very sci-fi, and this is how it is much like Faster Than Light. You have to explore the Galaxy and then capture it using various real-time tactical methods.

Astro Lords

Astro Lords can be one of the finest games like Faster Than Light that can be acquired right now. In this game, you travel on the massive universe and battle off enemies. This is a trade and management simulation game, and just like Faster Than Light it is in 3D. There are real-time combats and battles in the MMO aspect of the game.


Freelancer is really a multiplayer or single combat, trading and strategy simulator game that occurs space. You play as Freelancer, which is really a spaceship pilot. The plot and concepts, along with the premise of Freelancer, are much like Faster Than Light. You have to explore the area stations and the plants, and there is some combat and fighting off the enemies in this game as well.

Kerbal Space Program

Lastly, on our set of games like Faster Than Light, we have included Kerbal Space Program, which will be also called KSP. This is a single-player building and construction simulation game, but also offers space flight involved. As it pertains to games like Faster Than Light, Kerbal Space Program is very similar because this game requires you to essentially control the complete space mission.

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